ska8tergirl Purely Sexy~!

Alright~! It's time for another contest~! WOOT WOOT! lol Okay, before I go rambling off my weirdness, let me explain what's going on:

You will be having to draw either your O.C, Fan characters or any existing chharacters in a sexy outfit and pose. Basically, bring out the wild side. =^.^= meooooooow~! lol

Here are the rules:
**Either be an O.C, Fan Character or an existing character
**You may have a mixture of people
(Such as having an existing character and an O.C)
**Must be colored
**Must be dressed in something sexy
(Don't be afraid to some some skin. Like a man's bare chest, beause that's sexy, right girls? lol)
**The outfit must be original created by you! Yet, I will accept blending
(As to a salsa dress mixed with designs of your own) etc...
**Make them pose in a sexy way
(Make is somewhat dramatic. Like, having a girl sit in a chair, but in a dramatic way to make it more interesting)
**You may sumbit more than 1 entry =)
**Have fun with this~!

The Prizes~!
First Place: 2 colored pictures
Second Place: 1 colored picture
Third Place: 1 colored chibi picture

Okay, I believe that's it~! If any of you have any questions, just PM me and I will be happy to answer them =) I will be giving you 3 months to do this, so go and make your characters "Purely Sexy~!" X3

THANK YOU ALL FOR JOINING MY CONTEST! I wish I could pick all of you but sadly I can only pick 3 winners TT.TT All of your art work are beautiful and smexy! lol XDD Congrats to the winners and all of you who joined! I <3 you all~!!!!! *BEAR HUGZ*

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Nose Bleed. ~RyuuzakiOwns
Shhhh.. ~krizomet
GC: Germanic-Franc ~JingleStansChibi
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