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Gifts : Hug a puppy, have a happy 2013. :D EcardBeast12: Awesome Fan Arts :) natisaku: Celebrate the New Year! :) arcticwulf: Strawberries for bananas! >:D : Wish you all the best in 2012! =D kilalalover: Happy Thanksgiving! natisaku: You're an otaku legend, my friend!! :DD 1dev13: A kitten for you! :3 : :) kita mikichi: Congrats on Your Promotion! ^^ natisaku: Peeps are adorable, had to give u one :) kilalalover: Happy Easter! :D hanawa: Thankies dear! PM sometime? *winks* hanawa: Heya there, long time no see! *hugs* : For an amazing friend thanks so much! ^^ ecnelisterger: All bad art is the result of good intent MashMadness: Merry Christmas! harvestmoonluvr: MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! <3 kilalalover: Merry Christmas! :D harvestmoonluvr: Thankful for you this Thanksgiving :D bluhart: back at ya chica hanawa: Back at you: You're super NICE! ;D hanawa: Congrats, you're now a Senior Otaku++! Furry-Chibi: Congrats on 2nd place in my challenge! noirassasin: =) i just really love your art. :3 natisaku: Pocky 4 U! Cuz I can 2! ;D Luv ya girlie 1dev13: For making me smile~ 1dev13: For being a member of AMVC for 60 days! 1dev13: For being a member of AMVC for 50 days! 1dev13: For being a member of AMVC for 40 days! 1dev13: For being a member of AMVC for 30 days! IyamiNaHamusutaa: HAPPY VALENTINES DAY!!!!! XD IyamiNaHamusutaa: HAPPY VALENTINES DAY!!!!! XD : <3 4 u coz I want 2 ~ X3 reirei18 : thx for joining my challenge..~ *^^* 1dev13: For being a member of AMVC for 20 days! xXzarakiaddictXx: you're an amazin kid, nuff said 1dev13: For being a member of AMVC for 10 days! natisaku: U r uber AMAZING! � Luv ya 2 girlie! <3 Erstin314: Happy New Year! :D (lil late) xD : Hope you have a great 2010! x DixieWings: Happy New Year! 2010! <3 Shi Bum Bumm: Rejoice 4 2010! I <3 U & ur kindness :] MashMadness: Happy new year! Afterglow: Merry Christmas & Happy New Year, dear! : You are so nice imouto chan! arcticwulf: Thanks so much! ;^; Appreciate it! ilu~ beloved blood: HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!! MintIceCream: merry xmas!!! vdr-07: Banana for Tomo-chan! harvestmoonluvr: Merry Christmas!!! ilu~ xD natisaku: Happy Thanksgiving! =^-^= MintIceCream: happy turky day! *gobble-gobble!* Furry-Chibi: Piping hot~ brownies pwns! Cookies too! natisaku: CONGRATES!  YOU'RE A SENIOR OTAKU!!! ^-^ vdr-07: thanks for all the comments! you rock ^^ : I like my new nickname "Pip-chan" Afterglow: You, my dear, are wonderful. ;D natisaku: da cutiest piggy ever just 4 U!! <3 Sakuse: Thank You! Your cool lunesoldier20: Keep up the good work! : That was unexpected! Thank you! AsagiTaichou: Thanks! You rock! taboo chan: >>> JusT For yOu <<< bluhart: heres a pwesent for you friend!!!!!!!!!! ponyochan: ^.^ everyone need pocky sometimes ^.^ Ima chan: I wuv you imouto chan! AngelBest Dream: Complete Angels Comment Challenge YuiKaueru: poky...yumeh *___* you can havee! :D moonlit dream: Thank you for being a good friend. :D Summer Daydream: PIGGEH! XD Thanx for being my friend. :3 : For an awesome commentor! enjoy! The Shadow Prince: cause your an artist in all you do :) pau7: heres a puppy for ya!^-^ Furry-Chibi: Thanks for always commenting me. ^_^ Furry-Chibi: Thanks for always commenting me. ^_^ red kie: thanks for not fergeting about me ^^!!! : Your so nice! you deserve it! queenB1: a pencil so yous can write poems xPocket monsteRx: .o. Thankoo for being such a sweetheart! Erstin314: Thanks for being a great friend ^_^ AsagiTaichou: Your new plushie! ^-^ miableachgirl: Thanks for being a good friend! hinatafan379: this 4 bein my friend!^^ bluhart: here ya go!thanx 4 bein my buddy!^^ otakufangirl: Thanks for being a really awesome friend : HA HERES THE POCKY I PROMISED Shi Bum Bumm: Tanx 4 everythin' Imouto ur awesumnesz~!
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