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For this challenge just pick one of the quotes below and make a wallpaper with the charecter it most fits,you must have the quote you pick in the wallpaper or atleast in the title.^^ You can use any charecter in the wallpaper but if you use an oc please send me your oc's info
Here are the qoutes: 1."Without order nothing can exist - without chaos nothing can evolve." 2."Before you critizize someone you should walk a mile in thier shoes. That way when you critisize them you'll be a mile away and have their shoes" 3."You can turn off the sun but I'm still gonna shine" 4."Some people are so afraid to die that they never live" 5."The good die young-- becuase they see no reason in living if you have to be good!"
Okay, thats all the qoutes you can pick. Plz comment if you have qeustions or would like to enter. this will go on for 2 months. The prizes are below

1st-A wallpaper,A gift, and a fan art of ur choice

2nd- A fan art and a gift of ur choice

3rd- a gift of ur choice (ex:panda bear, rose, bow&arrow)

They will be judged on how well the qoute fits the charecter and on base desighn.Plz enter!

~Satsuki Kura

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The Order ~BabyD
Look at this Photograph ~KCHuang
Im still gonna shine ~animeprincess12
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