Auraelys .hack//elimination

Alrighty, so here's how this challenge works. Your job will be to make a wallpaper that features one of the characters from ANY of the .hack series.

The catch? Once that character has been used, nobody else can enter a wallpaper with the same character.

So, if the first entry features Balmung, none of the other entries may have Balmung in them.

The same rules of no plagiarism, etc., that apply to all wallpapers also apply to this challenge.

Your wallpapers will be judged on image clarity (nothing pixelated ^^), originality, and, overall, how appealing it looks. Bonus points will be awarded if you make a widescreen version as well. Be sure to put what character you are featuring somewhere in the caption of your picture, as I'm not familiar with -all- of the .hack series. (It kept expanding so quickly!)

This challenge will be open for two months, but be sure to enter early if you want to make sure you get your favorite character!

Good luck!

P.S. For clarification purposes, Kite of the original .hack video game series is not the same person as Shugo of the .hack//twilight series. Same goes for BlackRose and Reina. If you have any questions, just ask. I'll try to check frequently. :) Hope you have fun with this!

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Beginning In An Ending ~BabyD
Balmung ~Kiba051095
Atoli - The Mirage of Deceit ~ieka95
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