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    How often do you play video games?

    Every other day.
    Whenever I feel like it.
    I only play if my friends are playing.
    I don't usually play video games.

    What types of video games do you like to play?

    (choose at least 1 and at most 3 answers)
    Fast paced ones!
    Ones that involve a lot of thinking and puzzle solving.
    ANY game will do.
    Anything online I can play with other people.
    Whoa! There are types of games?

    Are you up-to-date with new releases?

    Totally! I check my favorite gaming site everyday.
    I'm only up-to-date in the games I'm really into.
    I'm always up-to-date in gaming events! releases?
    Sometimes. I don't really care much.

    What would happen if you lost a gaming console memory device?

    What kind of memory device?
    Ha! I rarely use memory devices.
    I would go berserk and tear the world apart trying to find it!
    No worries. I'll just buy a new one.
    I would be beside myself in remorse. Years of gaming- gone!

    When a group of friends want to play a game you usually...

    Set up everything and demand to be first player.
    Ask everyone what they want to play and go with the flow.
    Ask all of them for help on this one level you can't beat.
    Log on and start a party.
    Beg for help on which buttons to press and constantly push the wrong ones.

    What is your OLDEST gaming console?

    Game Boy.
    Game Cube.
    My last computer.
    Is the Wii a gaming console?

    How do you fare playing online?

    I usually play alone since no one else matches my levels.
    I'm stuck at this one area. Some one please help!
    I usually play with new people every day.
    I LOVE playing online!
    Online? With other people?

    Where do you get most of your games?

    (choose at least 1 and at most 2 answers)
    I buy them at popular game stores.
    I might find one I like at any old store.
    I usually just save my money or trade in old games I couldn't beat at local gaming stores.
    I download them!
    I don't know. I just play them at my friend's house.

    What do you think about game codes?

    What are game codes?
    CHEATING! You should call them cheating cheats for cheaters!
    I use them when I'm stuck or if I think they might come in handy.
    I need them all the time!
    Depends on their use.

    Do you like game music?

    I listen to it all the time.
    It's ok. I'd rather listen to my ipod.
    I live off of it!
    I always go back to my favorite levels to listen to the good music.
    Does the wii menu screen music count?

    Last question. How seriously do you take your gaming?

    Very. SERIOUSLY.
    I don't really care.
    I don't really take it too seriously.
    My whole party is counting on me! I have to take it seriously!
    Someday I will be the best gamer ever! Just watch!

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