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Hi~! ^ ^ I’ve been wanting to do a new challenge for a while and I’ve FINALLY decided on an idea!

In the art world as job there will be a lot of requests you must fulfill. Especially if you want to be a concept artist, you have to design the character based on set instructions. Soo...

What I want you guys it do is design a character based on my concept for them. So here are your instructions/concept:


A mysterious, yet colourful and silly character with a slight dark aura to them.

Things He/She/It Must Have

Heterochromia (two different eye colours) – Colours can be random

Wings – Doesn’t matter what kind or where (they can even be fake)

Horns – Same thing as the wings…except they should be on the head…O.o;

It must somehow include a crescent moon in the design. And by this I mean anything from a crescent moon symbol under the eye or on a flag to the clothing in the shape of a crescent moon. You can even play with the word crescent moon, maybe just have the design something to do with part of a moon. Go crazy!

Extra info: They can be fantastical or sci-fi-ish, it doesn’t really matter. The setting can be any kind you want. You can play around with their personality as much as you want, as long as you stick with the mysterious, dark, but silly concept.


1. Follow my instructions above!
2. You can post more than once
3. Stick with theOtaku’s rules
4. It can be traditional or CG, it doesn’t matter
5. It doesn’t have to have a background at all, but if you want to put one in, that’s fine, but it won’t get in any extra points
6. You can not submit old art!
7. Must be coloured!

How you’ll be Judged

- Creativity - 30 points
- How well you followed the rules – 5 points
- How well you followed the instructions – 20 points
- Originality – 30 points
- Color – 10 points
- Personal Preference – 5 points

With a total of 100 points. Don’t be scared by this! Just try to be as creative as can be and you can soar. Most of the people in my challenges have usually gotten pretty high scores, but the total points was smaller than this time, so there may or may not be as many ties as there have been! XD


1st Place: One full coloured picture (CG) of anything you want
2nd Place: One lineart picture of anything you want
3rd Place: One sketch picture of anything you want

I hope you have fun with this challenge, as scary as it may seem. Just go crazy!

(To those I've invited, you're not obligated to join in the contest, I just like to spam the Member Invitations thingy! >:D)

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