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What you have to draw:
This time, draw an original nekomusume (girl with ears -n- tail) or neko (person of either gender with ears -n- tail).
Or, draw an existing character from any series (Allen from D.Gray-Man, Edward from Fullmetal Alchemist, etc.) as a neko.
They don't necessarily have to have cat ears and tails. they could have the genetic makeup of a cheetah, a fox, a wolf, etc.
Some questions for my last challenge that i would like to clear up for this one are:

  • Can i re-use a picture? (something already in my gallery?)


  • Will it be okay if I just dedicate the submission to you?

That would help, but you have to submit the picture through this page or it won't enter into the challenge.

  • Can i use a picture i already drew for another challenge and re-use it for this one?

By all means, go ahead.

  • Can you submit more than one entry?

Submit twenty if your heart desires to. Seriously. I'm fine with it.

  • Does it have to be an OC?

As I said up there^ it can be any character from an existing anime/manga as well.
Thank you for reading this and I hope it answers any questions you had.

Please submit your drawing through this challenge. Send me a message via PM if you want to notify me that you accepted the challenge and that your entry is in. Your entry may be colored, or just a sketch. You won't have less of a chance of winning whether it is a sketched or colored rendering. So feel free to do either without pressure of losing because of it.

There is only going to be one prize this time due to the fact that I have another challenge (Heterochromia) , that just ended, so if there are any more prizes, my hand might fall off from overuse.

  • 1st - A colored pic with or without a bg.

Also, if you win and I haven’t already, I’ll subscribe for ya~

All of the prizes will be made according to your request. If you don't want to join, don't feel like you have to. Also, anyone, no matter how good of an artist you are, is excepted as a participant. Thank you for reading and/or joining.
xExamplexxPicturex: Nekomusume

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What's behind that smile? ~Erie Machista
Kitty and wolf ~LucyMeryChan
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