Secret Santa 2013 Wishlist!

Here is my wishlist for the SS Event hosted by ItachiSasuke, Mangakid and Aryia!

~Draw me anime-ified!! :D

OC FanArt:

  • Draw my OCs together enjoying Christmas!
    I want them in separate gender groups.
    Boys: Zaishi & Gyen
    Girls: Estelle, Yurikami, Mone/ Mew Frosting (you can draw her as either one!), & Hana
    (This counts as two separate pictures!)

  • Pairing of Hana and Sesshomaru
  • Estelle and Gyen together
  • Estelle as Fiona from Adventure Time & Gyen as Marshal Lee

Anime FanArt:

  • Uta no Prince-sama's STARISH all together
  • Adventure Time Marshal Lee and Fiona shipping

That's all I can think of! You can draw me anything else with my OCs as long as it's Christmas themed! Thanks for reading!

<3 Nae