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Welcome to our FanArt Secret Santa event of 2013! :D The idea of Secret Santa event is to draw a gift for someone and receive a gift from someone on christmas! We will assign you the people for whom you draw a gift and receive. This shall remain secret & only known to you :3
This event is hosted by: ItachiSasuke, Mangakid and Aryia.

You can find our Guidelines here! If you want to join, please read these first! Also comment on that post if you want to join :3

You can find the Member's Wishlists here. We'll update it as soon as we get people's wishlists links. It should be complete December the 3rd!

Enjoy! And please spread the word, the more people, the more fun ;D

E-Cards SS hosted by soulanime14 & elricbrothersfan
Icons SS hosted by Ritano Raito
iWallies SS hosted by aka yuki
Wallpaper SS hosted by aka yuki & crystal fantasia
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MangaKid's SS Group+Fanart

Hey guys, Merry Christmas! Great work on all the art and posts!!! Each gift is super beautiful and its made this Christmas super special for all of us <3 (All hosts of this event will keep close tabs on who has and has not received...

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Aryia's SS Group+Fanart

All the wonderful Secret Santa gifties from my group! :D <3 Secret Santa---Receiver---FanArt hotramen2go009 -- FUNimation -- ...

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Itachisasuke's SS Group+Fanart

Heyo Everyone~! Merry Christmas! :) Just posting my section of the SS stuff~ (So if you received a PM from me on who you were the Santa for! If you don't see your stuff posted below, chances are I've missed it so please leave a comme...

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May start posting SS!

Dear fellow Otakuites! You may now start posting your Secret Santa Gift artworks! Although we still prefer it if you post it between 23-25 of december.

Remember to dedicate your work to your Secret Santa and please tag your work with 'Secret Santa 2013'. Enjoy your weekend <3

SS has started! :D

We, ItachiSasuke, Mangakid and Aryia, have sent out the pms informing you of for whom you will draw a Secret Santa Gift!

I forgot to ask, but please tag your SS gifts with "Secret Santa 2013". This way we can find all the drawings and post them here on our SS world :D

Important upcoming deadline:
DECEMBER 20—30: Post your gift for your SS, making sure to dedicate it to them! (though we prefer if it was sometime between DECEMBER 23-25). Anyone who knows that they will be late in posting their gift will have to contact one of the events hosts asap.

Enjoy your day!