Welcome dear Otaku, to my sketch worldie!
I just have so many sketches that won't be submitted, BUT I feel like they need to be viewed. ^__^
Thank you for stopping by to sneak a peek! Enjoy!
Nae OUT! *zoooom*

Xio's fun

Now this picture started as a simple sketch and since I liked it so much I began outlining and coloring. The only reason it's not submitted is because I have NO lavender coloring utensil... ;^; (kinda why I haven't been submitting Estelle pictures, which I have LOADS of)

This picture is also inspired from Xio's experience.

Xio the Luxray (c) Team Plasma N

Xio Vision

This sketch was inspired by Xio's experience with Estelle.
I drew what thought Estelle would look like to him X3
Embarrassed was terrified to what might happen next.. while naked.

I don't think I would submit this so I'm posting it here.

Shupple Chibi

I drew a chibi Shupple a while back.
And Made a new outfit for her tooX3
I like making new outfits for people lol

Shupple (c) Animelover7310

Anime Me

I was bored one day and drew my photoshoot picture.
Once I put it up on Instagram, everyone was all like "I want one!"
So I was up until 2 drawing @__@

Here's the picture that I referenced off of.

External Image

Towel Delin

XD Oh Delin

Now he and Gyen has a towel pic! :D

Delin (c) xNotUnderstood