Your Computer as a Human!

title explains it all!

I want you to draw what you would think your computer would look like as a human! Are they a boy? are they a girl? young? old? Preppy? Goth? Maybe they have blue skin? or green hair? Do they have piercings? tattoos? draw anything (but follow theOtaku's rules!

Extra chance to win for those who draw things that are related to your computer! lots of music? maybe draw headphones or an iPod. lots of videos? add a video camera somewhere! photos? how bout a camera. anything that represents what might be on your computer to fit its "personality". Even better if you give a description for the reasons objects are in the drawing! be creative!

More chance if you give your computer a name and a special "computer term" that goes with the personality or style of your computer. please try not to copy computer terms, again, descriptions are awesome.

For an example of all of this, click this: Strange-The Glamputer

-whether or not you followed the rules
-will NOT be judged for your artistic skills! this is a fun and creative challenge, don't be afraid to show off your creativeness!

1. no art stealing!
2. has to be drawn by you
3. can involve other people, but computer/human must be the main subject!
4. If using other people's characters or computers, ask for their permission and make sure to credit that they are theirs!
5. Yaoi and Yuri ARE ALLOWED, just keep it PG-13
6. Can be Traditional Art or Digital Art
7. doesn't have to be colored, but things must be able to be told apart from everthing.
8. Submit as many as you'd like!
9. Have fun!

Prizes to be decided.

you have 3 months.

The winners provided a great description of their computers as well as interesting designs. There were so many interesting designs with great descriptions but the three below provided the best!

as for the prizes:
1st place: 2 colored requests
2nd place: 1 colored request
3rd place: 1 black and white request
everyone that participated: 1 line art request

please pm me to tell me your request(s)!


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