!~For a Holiday~!

Thank you to those who participated in my last challenge~!

This challenge will last for 3 months! my longest challenge yet,
since its october now Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hannukkah, New Years, etc are all coming up over the next 3 months

So I want you to draw a picture relating to a holiday, either dressing a character in Holiday type clothes, or a holiday scene, whatever you want to do, and it can be ANY holiday not just the ones i mentioned, if you want to do Valentines day or Easter or any holiday any time of the year feel free to,

So the picture can be done however you want, I just have to be able to look at the picture and be able to tell what Holiday your representing in your picture.

* picture HAS to represent a holiday
* ANY holiday you want can be used
* you can use Any anime character/characters you want
* You can also use Oc's if you'd like
* Chibi's and Animals are allowed
* doesn't have to be anime can be animals, cartoons, etc,
* doesn't have to be colored
* doesn't have to have a background.
* if you have any questions you can ask me.
* 3 entrys per person

Everyone who participates gets a ribbon and gift.

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Happy Hetalia Halloween! ~Narumaniac
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Len & Rin X-Mas Greetings ~Nino Umaka
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