Bluesen Blue's OCs in your Style!

So the challenge is pretty easy this time-- All you have to do is draw one or more of my Ocs out of this extensive list XD

There are so many to choose from! One is bound to fit your liking! (Caution: ALL of them (Besides Sen ^^'') are boys so if you want to excersise your skill in drawing the male category--this is your contest!)

"Pallas 13"~~~~~

Prince Spade -->

Chii the Chinchou -->

Mathyus the Mijumaru -->

Tristain the Togekiss-->

Cheruu the Cherubii --->



Klaus -->


"The Silver Moth"~~~~

Allik --->

D (The boy in the piccy--Curtousy of Zero Guardian!) --->

Sen(The only girl in this thing XD Curtousy of Zero Guardian!) --->


Sasha Ivanov-->

The Mock Turtle -->

Victorio Valentino -->

Jim (My first ever anime person... refurbished)--->

So freak out!


1. Must abide by rules--no nudity! Blood is fine but don't chop off thier arms!! DDD8

2. Can be colored digitally or traditional or just black and white

3. Please refer back to the picutre you refernced from or at least give me some credit for the OC--I AM giving you them to do as you will, afterall (Meh babiesss!)

4. Though I'd like you to keep with the same wardrobe you see on the picture, I don't mind you changing thier clothes a little (or even shirtless is fine XD... *nosebleed*)

5. HAVE FUN!!!!



1st: I'll draw you anything you want! Colored digitally!
2nd: Anything you want drawn! Lineart!
3rd: Anything you want as a sketch!

You have a month and 13 OCs to choose from! Get crackin'~!

(If you need any info on the character you'd like to draw, please ask me in a PM!)


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