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In this world, I will review movies (both old ones and new, up-coming ones) and tell you my opinion on them. But it's not all about me--I wanna hear what you have to say about these movies! This world is for you all to discuss your opinions and views on the films I choose (there will be a new film once every week)


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Toy Story 3

This one has been out for a few weeks--Time to reveiw the boxoffice smash hit of the summer-- "Toy Story 3"

My little borther and I watched these movies like no other when we were kids--We still do! And hearing of the final chapter of the story made us a bit wary of a childhood memory, yet excited for another installment. Toy Story 3 was everything we could have asked for--a great story, wonderful grahpics to top off the series, and a wonderful ending. It was funny without over-doing it, all the new characters were just as loveable as Andy's crew (Totoro makes a cameo appearance XD Made my day!), and the villains were very in-depth--Honestly better than the second installments predicatable bad-guys. I am almost ptorun to admit to crying like a child at the end (I easily cry ^^'') Pixar really did it this time--the end we all asked for, yet didn't. It was meant to be and i feel audiances all over the world are content with it and salute Disney.

Sadly, I have a few downs to report. Some of the villians in this film scared the HECK out of me--I swear I'll have nightmares of monkey's screaming with pericing red eyes and babies of swing-sets. I don't know if it was intentional or not, but I know that things, even in Disney, easily scared me as a child and stayed with me until even now--If i were young and watching this film, I know that those scenes would stay with me forever as terrifying. Another point is this poster I have up here. It has Bo-peep on it and sadly I'll have to report that Bo was not in this film. It nearly broke my heart when I leanred she had been sold--Because if there was one thing I remember as a kid, Woody and Bo were in love D'XX I was hoping for them to find eachother during the film, maybe even some of the other toys, but it never happened.

All and all--Two thumbs WAY up! Great job, Pixar and Disney! You've done well with our childhood memories.

Agree? Disagree? Please, tell me your stand on this film and any comments on my own views as well.


Alice in Wonderland

Sorry for not doing a review last week, but we start this week off with a fairly new release-- "Alice in Wonderland"

Remember when we were kids and we watched with cartoon for the first time? Now remember when we first heard of this film coming out by Tim Burton? I'm betting most of you were like myself hearing that--"I love Tim Burton's work, but will he murder the innocent story with his insaness??" It's up to you. In my own opinion, there were many aspects of the story Burton kept fresh and alive--my favoirte being that he kept the poem "The Jabberwocky" in the movie, which brings back many memories from the book and the cartoon. Another aspect was the fluid way he merged both "Alice's Adventures in Wonderland" and "Through the Looking Glass", using the chess peices and using The Red Queen to represtn her AND the Queen of Hearts. The animation is gorgeous and the way everything is set in detail is astouding. The story wasn't too bad itself (LOVE the Cheshire Cat and the Hatter)... Which brings me to downs.

I give this movie a B for a few reasons. Turning Wonderland into a creepy place with darkness everywhere is one thing (We all expected that from Burton) but changing Wonderland's NAME?! I don't reallt know why that bothers me so much, but my hero Lewis Caroll created with world and it was called WONDERLAND. But that might just be me :/ Another reason is the end was a bit drab for how exciting the moive was until that point. Alice defeats the Jabberwocky in no time and all is well just like that. All I ask for is a tiny bit more drama to fill the gap the story was feeding us. And one more thing is the absense of some of the most important characters. I almost fell off my chair knowing Burton wasn't going to add The Dutchess--I would imagine he would have had a TON of creepy fun with THAT particular character. But most of all I missed The Mock Turtle, who was always my favorite.
...When will they ever include an Alice in Wonderland movie with him in it?! D'X *sigh*

All and All, THUMBS UP! Great movie, I recommend it, but it's sad to see it's not what you all were hoping for who read the actual book.

That's Blue's reveiw for "Alice in Wonderland!" Until next week~!!

Please, tell me your stand on this film and any comments on my own views as well.



We start our first review with a fairly new release, "Avatar"

Avatar, in my opinion, is a gorgeous moive breakthrough that we have not seen since movies like "The Nightmare Before Christmas" (Claymation) and "Toy Story" (3D Animation)--but it also goes up as a moive with a wonderful storyline that blew our mind with it's detail. I personally adore the natives in the movie, there design is insanely detailed and thier world took my breath away.
Another up for this film is the way they portrayed the main character, his paralysis makes it so he wants to be in his Avatar, but slowly he begins to know the dream world he wanted for his own gain becomes his life. It amazes me how the film makers could make the transistion from human to human-avatar so believeable a heartwarming. I'll even give the love story part a huge thumbs up! Love stories aren't told so wonderfully these days anymore!

The only downs I give this film is one: the fact that it's WAY too much like Pochahontas. Did you notice that? This guy comes from a different world and discovers the natives, learns to like them, falls in love with the chief's daughter (who is engaged with another one of her people), and saves them from the people he called fellow comrades before. Eh? Isn't that messed up?! And second, the random red dragon that only one native has ever ridden before and suddenly he can ride one?! I dunno why that drives me insane. Maybe it's just a pet-peeve I have of people who can just walta in and take over naturally. *shrug*

Well, that's my review for "Avatar"!

Please, tell me your stand on this film and any comments on my own views as well.