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Here is the world of my Togekiss Gijinka Tristyn! He welcomes you warmly and hopes you will make yourself at home while he puts on some music and makes some tea for you both. Maybe even have a good chat!



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(This world was inherited by my old PGR OC, Chii. So older posts on this world are still in his name.)

Thank you for the Welcome!

Me: As it says in the title, I'm really excited and thank you again for the warm welcome back, everyone!

While I wait for the new plot to emerge, I've drawn out all (well except for two) of the current PGR members :D I hope to upload it soon! (and maybe color it? xD that's a lot of color references)

Did you wanna say something before we go, Tristyn?

Tristyn: Well now that you've asked, I am so happy to be here, and I thank everyone for their lovely compliments~! :> I hope to make a lot of friends *MWAH!* See you guys soon! *girly wave*

Me: Oh my gosh, that's a terrible greeting, everyone's gonna think your a fruit, Tris.

Tristyn: Hmph :I I just... I'm just trying to be polite!

Me: ....Do it less girly? Maybe?

Tristyn: Well I can tryyyy I suppose. :I I'm so glad to be here, everybody! *booty dance*


Tristyn: Everyone loves a booty dance, Blue. *can't stop laughing*

Me: PLEASE. STOP. I am so embarrassed for you right now.

Tristyn: Okay fine. I wouldn't want to embarrass you after all.

Me: Okay thanks.

Tristyn: Even though it's way too easy to do :)

Me: Ugh... He's really a nice guy, everyone. Just a butt sometimes.

Tristyn: :> hehe


Tristyn's Profile

Name: Tristyn
Nicknames: NONE YET
Gender: Male
Age: 20
Birthday: 4/13 (April 13th)
Pokemon: Togekiss
National #: 468
Title: Jubilee Pokemon

Nature: Sassy
Held Items: None
Ability: Serene Grace
Attacks: Fly, Sky Uppercut, Attract, Shadow Ball, Swagger, Psychic, Thunder Wave (I’ll add more later)
Weak Against: Electric, Rock
Height: 6’ 0’’
Weight:133 lbs
Hair Color: White with red and blue accents (see reference)
Hair Length: Long-ish is front, short and spikey in back
Eye Color: Left red, right blue
Skin Tone: Light, almost pale
Build: Slim but with a defined stomach (think male model-esk)
Markings/Scars: None
Tattoos: Red and blue triangle symbols running down his back
Piercings: None
Appearance: A cute button nose, oval eyebrows, floppy togekiss ears with tips in different colors, long athletic legs, a very characteristic smirk, canine teeth are a bit pointed but not a lot, fluffy tail, fluffy foldable wings (not fur, they are feathered) that also expand in flight, long piano fingers.
HE WEARS CONTACTS, but his eye-sight isn't too bad :9 He only wears glasses when he needs to, otherwise he thinks they make him look silly. lol

Personality: He can be a bit of a weirdo sometimes, but loves to show off and egg people on to do things. He enjoys having tea parties just as much as having a good fight and fancies fashion as much as a good back and forth banter. He can be a bit back and forth in mood at times, but mostly he's a rad guy with a good and kind heart, always willing to help out a friend. He always seems to have a plan up his sleeve, and though his plans don't always work, he's determined to see his plans through. He can also be a bit of a drama queen and a prankster. Basically, he likes to have a good time and others to have a good time as well.
Orientation: He prefers women, but sometimes he doesn’t really care and goes for whatever catches his eye
Rival: None as of yet
Family: Unknown (He considers his friends on Chii’s island his long-lost family)
Hometown: An Island off the coast of Cinnabar Island (Chii’s island)
Likes: Fashion, a good clean brawl, flying, helping people (even when they don't ask... Especially when they don't ask), making people uncomfortable (especially guys), making "full-proof" plans, giving advice, comforting people, being a tease, baking
Dislikes: Being ignored, being underestimated, Team Rocket (despite what you may think, even when his plans fail, he’s still unphased)
Fears: Never living his dream, never having people who like him, the dark
Strengths: Flight, planning, fashion, know-how on romance, speed, know-how on advice-giving on most anything
Weaknesses: Storms, cold weather, he has a weakness for beautiful people, and pretty clothes as well
Favorite Food: Stroodles <3
Drink: Italian Soda
Color: Red white and blue XD
Tree: Birch
Season: Spring
Activity: Sewing, travel, fashion, making friends, pranking people, baking
Background: Tristyn was born and raised on the same island as Chii, Cheruu, and Scotty, but was stolen from that island at a young age by Team Rocket and was never seen again. He grew up on their base, their prized Gijinka, until he was a young Togetic. He escaped his old life to see the world and fell in love with Pokemon contests, but was afraid to enter since he was scared to be on TV and risk being seen by his once captors. He became a coordinator instead, helping many to stardom, dating many women along the way but never feeling like he belonged with any of them. The only thing he felt like he belonged to was his work, inspiring young stars… Because he so badly wanted to be one himself, but it was too dangerous. So his dream was stolen from him, but he wouldn’t let that get him down too much. One day he was working with one of his apprentices when a Rocket grunt tried to catch him again. He beat up the grunt after a long struggle, but his career was ruined. He walked away with a heavy heart, just wanting to have the life he once had but was taken away over and over again.

We Have a Winner! Welcome the Newest Gijinka!

Yep! By a few small votes over my other flyer,



I will post his profile ASAP and start posting next week! :) Can't wait to get back! I hope Tristyn will fit in :)


Thank you for votes via comment and PM! I was going to announce Saturday but I got impatient. Also, you guys pretty much convinced me that Tristyn was the right choice xD you know who you are!



As it has been previously known, I have been away from PGR for quite sometime, having to completely drop Cheruu as a character and not being able to find the time to keep Chii there.

Chii was purged and I shrugged and moved on.

Now though, after months of being without an RP group, I can honestly say I have MISSED PGR like no other! I have been thinking on it for sometime and now I'm sure, I'm going to try and do it again! >:DD

Unfortunately, I will not be letting Chii back in. As much as I loved Rping with him, he had his time to shine and he shone well. So this world will now be passed on.
That and it might be awkward for an old character to try and get back into the swing of things with so many of his old friends and his girlfriend now out of PGR.

Time for a change. A new character!

That's where you guys come in!

I need your guys' help to pick from my mass of Gijinka to emerge as my new PGR Gijinka character! :D All you have to do is look at each of these fanarts of these characters, read over their profiles (or if you just like their design better that's okay too xD) and comment in the box telling me who you like best!

The votes will be tallied and hello new character!

Gijinka to Choose from:

Icarus Archemedies (Arch) the Archen
Darteius the Darmanitan
Mika the Whimsicott (Mika is a singer! Here is a sample of my headcanon voice for him--> MIKA. It's also a good way too see how he acts and dances)
Adia the Audino (Adia is also a singer--here's my headcanon voice for him--> Choirboys.)
Mortimer the Heatmor
Tristyn The Togekiss
Hahnsel the Hypno

Yep. All boys.
You guys know me. I can't really RP with girl characters all that well :I Oh well.

I could really use your help guys--May the best Gijinka win!

Thank you Eneko for pushing me back into this! <33



Mortimer-- I

Arch (Icarus) -- II

Tristan-- IIII

Mika-- II

Darteius-- 0

Adia-- 0

Hahnsel -- 0

Thank you for votes via comment and PM! I was going to announce Saturday but i got impatient. Also, you guys pretty much convinced me that Tristyn was the right choice xD you know who you are!


Secret Santa Wishlist Re-post

Sorry ^^'' Put it in thw wrong world~

Kinda stole this format from Team Plasma N, cause it's a good group of stuff to list, so here we go

First off, I'll start by saying, if you draw ANY of my OCs, I WILL LOVE YOU FOREVER.


Prince Spade <3 --- http://www.theotaku.com/fanart/view/375331/11-11-11

Chii the Chinchou (My PGR OC) ---http://www.theotaku.com/fanart/view/351972/chii_the_chinchou--redesign_time%253F

Sasha Ivanov --- http://ryublu.deviantart.com/gallery/25632442#/d32e71x

Allik --- http://www.theotaku.com/fanart/view/274571/bittersweet_masterpiece_%2528special_annoucment%2521%2529

Mika the Whimsicott ---http://www.theotaku.com/fanart/view/373493/whimsicott_gijinka_mika

Triston the Togekiss ---http://www.theotaku.com/fanart/view/367540/tristan_the_togekiss_revisited


Other Anime Guys:

Pokemon -- N, Cheren, or Ingo and Emmet
Naruto –- Rock Lee, Kabuto, Orochimaru
Hetalia –- America, Russia, North Italy
One Piece-- Sanji, Kaku, Bon Clay
Final Fantasy -- Vincent Valentine, Cloud Strife, Sepioroth
Tsubasa Resvior Chronicles -- Fai
Legend of Zelda-- Link


ANYTHING BY MIKA. HOLY COW. My favorites of his though are: We Are Golden, Happy Ending, Anyother World, and Lollipop

Christina Perri -- Arms, Jar of Hearts
Eminem-- Mocking Bird, When I'm Gone, Not Afraid
Lady Gaga-- Aleanjdro, Edge of Glory, Just Dance, Poker Face
Gorillaz-- Melanchonly Hill, Feel Good INC.
Birdy-- Skinny Love
The Hush Sound-- (Pretty much anything by them)
Imogen Heap-- (Pretty much anything by her)
Micheal Jackson-- They Don't Care About Us, Black or White, Man in the Mirror
Owl City--(Pretty much anything by them)
Switchfoot-- Yesterdays, Meant to Live
Thriving Ivory-- Angels on the Moon
Skillet-- Don't Wake Me
Yellowcard-- Dear Bobbie
Coldplay-- The Scientist, Viva La Vida, Clocks
The Beatles-- Yesterday, Let if Be, Across the Universe, Here Comes the Sun

And, most chamber or choir music, perferably latin peices

(I like a lot of sad music mostly, sorry ^^'' But I recommend all of these highly and this isn't even half of what I wanted to write on here ORZ'')

Other Favorites:

Gotta love really cute or really sexy things
the colors blue and silver <3
My favorite flower is the sunflower
I ADORE strawberries

Hope this helps, my PGR secret santa <3333 Gave you a lot of options, just do wahtever you want I'll probably be happy XD

Merry early Chirstmas!