Bluesen (Fan Art Portfolio) Hypno Gijinka--Muscle Shirt >:)

Hypno Gijinka--Muscle Shirt >:)
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I feel terrible for drawing him in this XD But he's SO fun to draw, this is like the fourth time drawing him for me--I think I adore this new guy <3 And oh woe is me--he doesn't even have a name ;A; Suggestions~?

So this is THIS GUY --->
Only without the coat and less chibi and more what he actually would look like. Yeah and sometimes he wears his hypnosis pendant around his neck :)

MAN, I have a thing for big noses and eyebrows...And Hypno for that manner--that's more than likely why I love him so much lol

So far this is all I have for his profile:

Name: (none as of yet)
Age: 21
Gender: Male
Height: 6'0''
Hair Color: Blonde
Eye Color: (Not sure yet, but the whites of his eyes are black)
Pokemon: Hypno
Type: Psychic
Move Set: Hypnosis, Psychic, Dream Eater, Poison Gas, Meditate
Ability: Forewarn
General Personality: Quiet, polite, a little shy, a bit timid when asked about things that get him flustered, generous, easily manipulated, big brother type

Not all finalized but pretty much :) Enjoy!!

Pokemon belongs to the Pokemon Company and Gamefreak

This artwork and Gijinka design belong to ME. Please do not steal or use in any way. Thank you.


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