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Gifts LGA775: Merry Christmas my dear friend^^ XXOX WyvernWings: Omg!! Happy birthday!!! ~ <3 ^-^ DeathSeraph: Happy happy birthday!^w^hope it's great! vdr-07: Me wuvs ma chibi kitty qwq Artgrrl: Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! DeathSeraph: another Kitty to wish u happy birthdayXD SaxGirl: Happy birthday Eneko-chan!^____^ *hugs* Otomi Babii: :3 ChiPolVee: To thank you for your kindness! <3 xianlee: No Biggie!! I love Fabulous people!!!! DeathSeraph: Happy Valentine's day!! ^^ <3 WyvernWings: Because you rock at life <3 PENCIL!!!!!! Naomi Bear: Merii Kurisumasu Ototo-san Daisuki~! � E Naomi Bear: Merry Chirstmas Dani~! :3 � Nae Nae lol! xXShayde WolfXx: Hoard Them Candies! Kill If Needed >:3!! fuko chan: Happy birthday!!! vampirehitsugaya: Happy Belated Birthday! (=^.^=) DeathSeraph: Happy Birthday! Have an awesome day! :D vdr-07: Eko gets a Brick XDDD...Happy B-day~ lunastarz: Happy Birthday! krokun: thankies eko-chaaaaa! ~<3 love you too!! Artgrrl: Happy Valentine's Day! :D SaiKat: Happy V-day~ Luffles you too, yo! <3 toyotami kun: Thanks! Happy V-day to you too!!! XD Kitty K.O.: Happy V-Day~! =D Many hugs for you X3 Artgrrl: MERRY X-MAS!!!! =D Otomi Babii: Merry Christmas � -Nellie :3 : Merry Decorated Dead Tree Day! :D : Happy Gobble Monster~ Kitty K.O.: Have an almost black cat 4 Halloween! X3 Otomi Babii: HAPPY HALLOWEEN� -Nellie ^__^ vdr-07: HAPPY B-DAY MA CHIBI KITTY!! >W< Naomi Bear: Happy Birthdaaaaaaaaaaaaay! 8D � Naomi : �������� ^^;; krokun: loves ya eko-chaaaan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! FUNimation: Thank you for the gift!!<3 Kitty K.O.: Same to you! =D : Happeh Eastuh! littlepooch: Merry Christmas! <3 =D Otomi Babii: Happy Holidays� (((: wallpaperotaku: be marry and bright this x-mas night! krokun: Gil: the same for you dear!!me: *glomps* Summer Daydream: Merry Christmas to my waifu, awwyis B) wallpaperotaku: Happy thanksgiving! Naomi Bear: HAPPY THANKSGIVING ! � Artgrrl: Happy Halloween my friend! Eiri Yuki s Lover: Happy late birthday! Hope it was great!! vdr-07: i like to spam people XD vdr-07: JOYEUX ANNIVERSAIRE MON CH�RE AMIE vdr-07: OTANJOBI OMEDETO GOZAIMASU!!! vdr-07: FELIZ CUMPLEA�OS EKO!!!!!!!!!!!!!! vdr-07: HAPPY BIRTHDAY EKO-CHAN!!!!!!! littlepooch: X3 Happy Birthday~~<333 Summer Daydream: Happy b-day! Pretend the cat's Nyarth ff Team Plasma N: Happy Birthday sweetie! :3 SaxGirl: Happy bday!^^ *throws confetti* vdr-07: Pie for Eko-chan :D Otomi Babii: neko from my eneko ? � 8DD : Just cuz I wanted to give u one. ily~ vdr-07: kitty for Eko-chan XD Snugglez: Merry Christmas! ^^ Summer Daydream: A HAT FOR U. Merry Chistmas my buddy!!! Naomi Bear: Merry Christmas Eneko-chan! ily! lol =3 Naomi Bear: Me: Mii friend! X3 Estelle: ily brother! Otomi Babii: Your such a great person. Thank you! ^-^ igneouspiritfeonx: Bet you know the Japanese word for this!
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