Kitty K.O. PGR Pairings~

Okay, I guess now's the time to put this up =3

What I want you to do is to take any two characters from the Pokemon Gijinka Revolution club and pair them up. It could be who you think looks cutest together, who's already a couple, one of your secret couple wishes, or just a crack pairing to make people laugh! It's up to you =3


1. Must be preexisting characters from the current PGR member list (Temporary absent characters count as well)
2. Yaoi and yuri are allowed
3. Sexy is perfectly fine and even encouraged, but please, keep it tasteful
4. No full nudity!
5. Abide by theO's standard rules on fanart submission
6. Backgrounds are not necessary, but most definitely welcome =3
7. Color is also not necessary, but please put some effort into shading, at least. Crosshatch and other methods are welcome, doesn't have to be toned, persay
8. Both digital and traditional are welcome
9. Multiple entries are allowed, but only one can place
10. Have fun =3


1st place: Full color PGR-related drawing (background included, up to three or four characters allowed)
2nd place: PGR-related character drawing of your choice (Anywhere from 2-3 characters allowed; no background)
3rd place: Lineart of one character (no background)

(EDIT: I've included some links to help out newer members as well as non-members unfamiliar with all the characters =3 Hope they help =^_^=)


--The Pokemon Gijinka Revolution Club's Site

Picture References


-- Aberius the Absol (Kitty K.O.)
-- Nyarth the Meowth (Eneko)
-- Lux the Luxray (Team Plasma N)
-- Xio the Dark Luxray (Team Plasma N)
-- Tanner the Tangrowth (animelover7310)
-- Arc the Arcanine (SaiKat)
-- Luca the Lucario (SaiKat)
-- Delin the Deino (xNotUnderstood)
-- Patrick the Purrloin (clueless101)
-- Raimundo the Raichu (toayatomi kun)
-- Glyph the Gligar (HawaiinBabiDoll)
-- Umbral the Umbreon (sethm7598)
-- Chii the Chinchou (Bluesen12)
-- Hon the Houndoom (ducth13)


-- Raine the Ralts (Kitty K.O.)
-- Lupe the Loppunny (Otomi Babii)
-- Estelle the Espeon (Naomi Bear)
-- Shupple the Banette (animelover7310)
-- Kiki the Kirlia (Artgrrl)
-- Maura the Mawile((on right)) (Artgrrl)
-- Haxlia the Haxorous (xNotUnderstood)
-- Damaris the Dragonair (Jouanofarc)
-- Sneari the Sneasel (piggyback garu)
-- Maria the Minun (liveeverysecond)

You all have 2 months from the start date. Please try not to procrastinate too much, I'd like to see plenty of entries, mmkay =3 Have a fun time with this =^_^=

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