Thank you for the Welcome!

Me: As it says in the title, I'm really excited and thank you again for the warm welcome back, everyone!

While I wait for the new plot to emerge, I've drawn out all (well except for two) of the current PGR members :D I hope to upload it soon! (and maybe color it? xD that's a lot of color references)

Did you wanna say something before we go, Tristyn?

Tristyn: Well now that you've asked, I am so happy to be here, and I thank everyone for their lovely compliments~! :> I hope to make a lot of friends *MWAH!* See you guys soon! *girly wave*

Me: Oh my gosh, that's a terrible greeting, everyone's gonna think your a fruit, Tris.

Tristyn: Hmph :I I just... I'm just trying to be polite!

Me: ....Do it less girly? Maybe?

Tristyn: Well I can tryyyy I suppose. :I I'm so glad to be here, everybody! *booty dance*


Tristyn: Everyone loves a booty dance, Blue. *can't stop laughing*

Me: PLEASE. STOP. I am so embarrassed for you right now.

Tristyn: Okay fine. I wouldn't want to embarrass you after all.

Me: Okay thanks.

Tristyn: Even though it's way too easy to do :)

Me: Ugh... He's really a nice guy, everyone. Just a butt sometimes.

Tristyn: :> hehe