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Whimsicott Gijinka Mika
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Another new Gijinka, whom I adore <333333 (I say this a lot, but my goodness I LOOOVE this one!)


Name: Mika (mee-ka)
Pokemon: Whimsicott
Type: Grass
Gender: MALE
Height: 6'0''
Weight: 133 lbs
Skin Color: Dark tan
Eye Color: Orangish Gold
Hair Color: White
Other Looks: Two curly green horns, fluffy cotton tail, sometimes wears gold eyes shadow, dimples when he smiles, semi-thick eyebrows
Clothing: He wears a lot of different outfits, especially when he performs, but his usual clothing is the outfit you see in the picture, along with camoflouge heavy boots that his pants are tucked into.
Attacks: Hurricane, Sunny Day, solar beam, attract, razor leaf, giga drain
Personality:Flirt, eccentric, agile, dedicated, hard-working, passionate, caring
Background: A famous singer who never shows himself in public beacuse of his gijinka background, so keeps the fact that he's a whimsicott from his fans. He doesn't give up on his singing career, but takes a break from it to travel. He is an expert dancer, guitarist, and singer. He's an incurable flirt and likes to look nice when he dresses. He's not used to fighting, but when he needs to, he will and it will usually be done with one hit from his hurricane attack.


I based his looks and mannerisms off of my favorite soloist singer, Mika <333333 And the fact that hhe's a singer too makes me laugh, if you haven't heard of Mika--DO IT NOOOOWWWW.

He's so fantastic I could DIE. Here is a few of his songs that are my favorites~! (when I imagine my Whimsicott Mika singing, this is what I imagine his voice to be as well) ----->

Happy Ending ---->

We Are Golden---->

This artwork and character belong to ME, Bluesen! Please do not steal or use iin any way!

It would totally make my day if you guys would give me feedback, or at least a hug :)



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5th generation, cute, fluffy, gijinka, grass, Mika, pokemon, sexy, Whimsicott
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