As it has been previously known, I have been away from PGR for quite sometime, having to completely drop Cheruu as a character and not being able to find the time to keep Chii there.

Chii was purged and I shrugged and moved on.

Now though, after months of being without an RP group, I can honestly say I have MISSED PGR like no other! I have been thinking on it for sometime and now I'm sure, I'm going to try and do it again! >:DD

Unfortunately, I will not be letting Chii back in. As much as I loved Rping with him, he had his time to shine and he shone well. So this world will now be passed on.
That and it might be awkward for an old character to try and get back into the swing of things with so many of his old friends and his girlfriend now out of PGR.

Time for a change. A new character!

That's where you guys come in!

I need your guys' help to pick from my mass of Gijinka to emerge as my new PGR Gijinka character! :D All you have to do is look at each of these fanarts of these characters, read over their profiles (or if you just like their design better that's okay too xD) and comment in the box telling me who you like best!

The votes will be tallied and hello new character!

Gijinka to Choose from:

Icarus Archemedies (Arch) the Archen
Darteius the Darmanitan
Mika the Whimsicott (Mika is a singer! Here is a sample of my headcanon voice for him--> MIKA. It's also a good way too see how he acts and dances)
Adia the Audino (Adia is also a singer--here's my headcanon voice for him--> Choirboys.)
Mortimer the Heatmor
Tristyn The Togekiss
Hahnsel the Hypno

Yep. All boys.
You guys know me. I can't really RP with girl characters all that well :I Oh well.

I could really use your help guys--May the best Gijinka win!

Thank you Eneko for pushing me back into this! <33



Mortimer-- I

Arch (Icarus) -- II

Tristan-- IIII

Mika-- II

Darteius-- 0

Adia-- 0

Hahnsel -- 0

Thank you for votes via comment and PM! I was going to announce Saturday but i got impatient. Also, you guys pretty much convinced me that Tristyn was the right choice xD you know who you are!