Secret Santa Wishlist Re-post

Sorry ^^'' Put it in thw wrong world~

Kinda stole this format from Team Plasma N, cause it's a good group of stuff to list, so here we go

First off, I'll start by saying, if you draw ANY of my OCs, I WILL LOVE YOU FOREVER.


Prince Spade <3 ---

Chii the Chinchou (My PGR OC) ---

Sasha Ivanov ---

Allik ---

Mika the Whimsicott ---

Triston the Togekiss ---


Other Anime Guys:

Pokemon -- N, Cheren, or Ingo and Emmet
Naruto –- Rock Lee, Kabuto, Orochimaru
Hetalia –- America, Russia, North Italy
One Piece-- Sanji, Kaku, Bon Clay
Final Fantasy -- Vincent Valentine, Cloud Strife, Sepioroth
Tsubasa Resvior Chronicles -- Fai
Legend of Zelda-- Link


ANYTHING BY MIKA. HOLY COW. My favorites of his though are: We Are Golden, Happy Ending, Anyother World, and Lollipop

Christina Perri -- Arms, Jar of Hearts
Eminem-- Mocking Bird, When I'm Gone, Not Afraid
Lady Gaga-- Aleanjdro, Edge of Glory, Just Dance, Poker Face
Gorillaz-- Melanchonly Hill, Feel Good INC.
Birdy-- Skinny Love
The Hush Sound-- (Pretty much anything by them)
Imogen Heap-- (Pretty much anything by her)
Micheal Jackson-- They Don't Care About Us, Black or White, Man in the Mirror
Owl City--(Pretty much anything by them)
Switchfoot-- Yesterdays, Meant to Live
Thriving Ivory-- Angels on the Moon
Skillet-- Don't Wake Me
Yellowcard-- Dear Bobbie
Coldplay-- The Scientist, Viva La Vida, Clocks
The Beatles-- Yesterday, Let if Be, Across the Universe, Here Comes the Sun

And, most chamber or choir music, perferably latin peices

(I like a lot of sad music mostly, sorry ^^'' But I recommend all of these highly and this isn't even half of what I wanted to write on here ORZ'')

Other Favorites:

Gotta love really cute or really sexy things
the colors blue and silver <3
My favorite flower is the sunflower
I ADORE strawberries

Hope this helps, my PGR secret santa <3333 Gave you a lot of options, just do wahtever you want I'll probably be happy XD

Merry early Chirstmas!