The Echo Effect Design A Prince

Let's face it, princesses always get the spotlight. Their hair, their dresses, their tiaras - the focus is always on them. So now it's time to show their royal counter-parts some love. We want you to design a prince.
These are some things we would like to see:
- Your prince must be original. You can create your own new prince, or or use the prince from a classic fairytale. If you do this, make sure that it is your own take own the prince, and not someone else's version.
- Don't let your prince just be a pretty face with the personality of a stick. (not that we mind pretty faces) Give him a name, age, likes, dislikes, give him character. We want a prince with personality, no matter what it is.
- Give your prince a backstory. There's a reason he is the way he is. How has life been treating him so far? Although a fairytale life isn't necessary, it is encouraged. You can make up your own, or use a classic one, but try to put your own twist on it invovling your prince.
- Be orinal and have fun. Keep with the beloved, classic prince, or go crazy with it. This is your prince, you do what you want with him. We just want to see him.
There are always exceptions, but these are also the main things, along with art and design, that Spectrum Diamond and I will be looking for while judging.

Submit as many entries as you like, and if you have any questions or comments, please don't hesitate to tell us. Any feedback at all is appreciated. Have fun!

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