kugen Anime Swimsuits '09 Contest

In celebration of the long summer ahead of us, draw any anime character, or characters, in swimsuit/summer apparel. They can be male or female. The first place winner will receive a medal and a personal gift. A second and third place will also be chosen to receive medals.

The Rules:

  • It must be colored.
  • There must be a background. Can be a color or an actual vista, just not a plain, white background.
  • Must not include any sexually explicit clothing, especially for the female characters.
  • Must be yours. Originality counts, so no stealing from other sites like DeviantArt, Gaia...or even SheezyArt O_o.
  • No explicit fondling or caressing among the characters, or any sexual...positions. I'm being a bit loose on what kind of pairings can be drawn, but as long as you keep it cute and innocent instead of steamy and hardcore, I won't gripe. We've got kiddos on the site, so I'm being careful not to put bad things on their minds.
  • Can be of any anime of your choosing. Original characters are allowed.
  • Up to two submissions allowed per user. No more than that.
  • Failure to abide by all the rules will result in disqualification of your work!

Sharpen your pencils and load up Photoshop! The contest will last throughout most of the summer, so you have plenty of time!

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