:Poker Face--Hetalia Style:

This is the fun little world of Hetalia Fans and Fandom!! :D If you're a fan, plz tell me and I'll put you as a guest poster and a member of the club! And if you have no clue was Hetalia is, watch the vid--it's one of THE most adorable and halarious animes out there!! <3 <3

Here in this world, as a member, you may post videos, pictures, and anything else related to Hetalia! But ONLY stuff related to Hetalia is allowed here!

Thank you~! :D


Creme Of Rolo

RoChu Comic Strip

I was wondering if the world started to inactive? If someones still active in this please raises hand! *lol* Okay...okay... I'm just here to share my fave RoChu Comis stip... I bet many have seen it before but... yep...

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Vid from The Sunflowers

again! A vid or two from me~~~~
(frow youtube actually...i just found it)
hope you like it~
some you may know~

Black hetalia~

VOICE hetalia

Orchestra hetalia~

Dunno the title~ (dunno...rly..)


im gonna do this when im bored and if im in a hetalia mood XD sooo LET IT BEGIN!

1) did you know china has a birthmark of something odd? (name what it is and get a dedication)
2) what's your favorite Hetalia (real couple, like HungaryxAustria)?
3) whats your favorite Hetalia couple(crack couple, yaoi, yuri and something that'd never happen)?
4) If your didnt know Chibitalia was a boy and you just seen him on the street and never knew him. would you think he was a girl?
5) Hetalia Videogame? what do you think it would be?
6) what would your world civ./american studies/social studies teacher say if you showed them Hetalia?

random hetalia polls i guess?

HEY HEY its narutokhfighter
and well random hetalia poll/questions for ya all

1) in history class when the teacher says something on the countries in hetalia do you imagine hetalia characters somehow doing something like what the teachers said?

2) do you like canada-san?

3) if you could meet any character from Hetalia in real life. who would it be?

4) did you know China has a scar on his back? (if u can answer(first and correctly) who left it....I'll make ya a Hetalia fanart)

5) if America sat in Bugsby's chair (England's cursed chair) what would happen?

Would it Be the Same?

A Sad piccy of Russia-Sempai :'( I need to stop posting depressiong stuff, but I love the idea of Hetalia reverting from something amazing funny and silly to a more serious idea of the countries~
Well anyway enjoy!