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Gifts izsah: Happy Halloween too! :-3 izsah: I want to make your day! :) izsah: You're so thoughtful and really nice! Kaerlyn: happy belated birthday~hope it was fun! DeathSeraph: Happy late birthday!hope you had fun! :D ReiKiba: Happy belated birthday Ichita-chan! >w< kitabug69: Happy Birthday my friend... (: akabane-chan: Happy B-day >w</ DeidaraNarutoClan: Happy birthday Ichi~ have a fun one <3 : Happy Birthday! Have a Great one!! ^^ DeathSeraph: Happy Birthday!! :) have an awesome day! Morbid Dollie: Congrats on the promotion! ;D DeidaraNarutoClan: Your BDay gifts made me lol Sanku Ichi! LinaMiyazaki: Thanks for the America pics! : Happy Birthday, IChiTa-chan! ^^ Kaerlyn: happy belated birthday <3 akabane-chan: Happy OwO/ B-day~!!! DeidaraNarutoClan: Happy Birthday Ichi ^w^ Tetsuo334: happy birthday!!! ^_^ !! dusktilldawn713: HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!! :D : Happy Birthday :D DeathSeraph: happy birthday!!! >w< Gin Ichimaru: Congrats on yer birthday *grins* NoirAngel: Happy Birthday ^_^ ReiKiba: Happy Birthday n have a nice day! :D dusktilldawn713: thanx for subbing :D : Thanks for subbing me! ^_^ : Adorable fanart! +^_^+ hanawa: Hope it's not too late for Easter? XDD Romanos Vixen: Thank you so much and again congrats!!! Romanos Vixen: Your art was epic and cute! ^^ Romanos Vixen: Congrats on winning! ^^ : Happy late easter izsah: Yay! Thanks for the egg! Happy Easter! WeiQi: Happy belated easter!!! : Happy Easter, IChiTa! Blake Jack: Happy Easter!! rosel D: Happy Easter! :D clueless101: Happy easter hetatard: Happy Easter! :D : Happy Easter! ^_^ : Have a happy Easter :3 Kitty K.O.: A peep for my Peep! XD Happy Easter! DeathSeraph: Happy Easter to you too~ ^w^ DeidaraNarutoClan: :D Happy Easter~ ecnelisterger: Happy Easter~ :) ReiKiba: Happy Easter! :D mewnicole: Happy Easter clueless101: Thanks for subbing to me ^^ ecnelisterger: Congrats for the promotion!!!!! xD twinklesakura: Congrats on the promotion!! X) Morbid Dollie: LOTS OF BERRIES XD Morbid Dollie: Congrats on the promotion! X3 mewnicole: your really a cool friend to have mewnicole: your cool Gin Ichimaru: Happy Valentine's, Ichita *smiles* : Happy Valentine's Day, IChiTa-chan~! twinklesakura: Happy valentines -- spread the love! =) Ritona: Awesome Cookie For Awesome Person Death Nut: Happy New year! ecnelisterger: All the best for 2011~ :D hanawa: Happy HAPPY new year~! *hugs* DeathSeraph: happy holidays to you too! ^w^ Murder Princess: Merry Christmas!!! ^^ Haxelo: Merry Christmas!! <3 *hugs* KungPowChicken: Merry Christmas! WeiQi: Merry christmas!!! ^^ kitabug69: Merry Christmas... Quiet Noise: wish u Happy Holidays! ^_____^ AnnaKanda: Happy Holidays! ReiKiba: Merry Christmas and H.New Year! ^-^ ecnelisterger: Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! NoirAngel: Merry Christmas and Happy New Year ^_^ AnnaKanda: Thanks for the sub~! XD sky-phoenix queen: pink pocky's brother  :) sky-phoenix queen: one more present can't hurt  :D sky-phoenix queen: thank you for entering!  :D HanakoAnimeaddict: Happy *late* Halloween! Quiet Noise: Happy Halloween! WeiQi: Happy halloween>.< lapaperninja: ~Happy Halloween!~  :D ecnelisterger: Here's a cupcake for your treat~ XD ReiKiba: Happy Halloween~!!! xD ecnelisterger: Happy Halloween!!! XD ecnelisterger: "Art is the language of the quiet ones" ecnelisterger: "Love your art, people will love it too" ecnelisterger: "A wonderful art start with simple step" ecnelisterger: For an awesome friend! WeiQi: Here is a gift for you >.< : Happy Belated Birthday^^ melissa7: Another melissa7: Happy Birthday xixisuoh: happy b-day! :3 TamaDoodles24: Have a cookie on this joyous of days! XD DeathSeraph: Happy Birthday!! X3 ecnelisterger: Happy Birthday~~ ^^ WeiQi: Happy birthday Quiet Noise: Happy (belated) birthday my friend !! Blue Latte: Happy birthday! melissa7: I hope you like the cake! Chibi Light: Thank you for submitting SakuraDust: Thank you for participating <3 TamaDoodles24: to one who is made of awesomeness! : Thanks for participating! ^o^ 1dev13: Thanks for partcipating in my contest! melissa7: I hope I did this right... HanakoAnimeaddict: For being a good friend too! ChibiSasuke: Congratulations on 3rd place! Kitty K.O.: Happy New Year! =) Have a great one! CiaCiaChii: :throws brick: lol happy holidays :D sangeet: ^_^ Bluesen: thnx! Gts u some Vodka Happy newyear! DeidaraNarutoClan: Merry Christmas ^^ sangeet: u r a great friend :) sangeet: thanks ;) CiaCiaChii: zhang he wtf CiaCiaChii: lol xD lovely kyubii16: happy b-day ^^ CanChaN525: Congrats, senpai!! CiaCiaChii: another pocky box LOL CiaCiaChii: a pocky BOX ONLY 4 u again LOL =D CiaCiaChii: a cherry 4 u lol CiaCiaChii: lol =D~
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