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Gifts Kami-chan.x3: Let's go get 'em dragons. Kami-chan.x3: Nugget'd. *hugs* XkeyofdestinyX: Benji loves you~ Kami-chan.x3: I'm thankful for McDonalds (and you) lol XkeyofdestinyX: I MISS YOU SO MUCH XkeyofdestinyX: you stole my heart but i had it first~ VivaLaParadise: HERP DERP <3 NymphaeaCapensis: To all my mad scientist brethren! 21Emmz12: RANDOM GIFT! =^D LightFykki: Just in case you like bananas more .xD LightFykki: Here is a small food for your majesty Morbid Dollie: These are drugs from Lion XD RavenK49: i miss you matsuki XD hisashiburi! roxas b: this is for being a good friend Morbid Dollie: Hope they're colorful! <3 Carbon Frost: and ur awesome!! :] winterlionheart: heres a gift, it's been to long NekoTenshiEmi: Because you're awesome! sherryanimefan: thanks :))))):D MariaCarlotta: Just thought of giving you a gift. ^^ Anime snow girl: ~ Hope ALL your wishes come TRUE =') chris ijt: thank u soo much ^^ Morbid Dollie: You are just too awesome man!!!! IChiTa: Thanks for paticipating~ Love ur art~ ^^ Morbid Dollie: Thank u 4 everything <3 MariaCarlotta: A gift for being a very kind friend. ^_^ winterlionheart: A rose for you ^^ Anime Heart 2009: Thanks for encouragement me always x3 MariaCarlotta: a thank you gift for you! :D FMA fanatic xD: Here, just for u! ^^ saint vivant: to cherries your day!! saint vivant: tvym!! GBU always~ ^^ : Congrats for becoming a legend! =^..^= MariaCarlotta: A cake for being such a nice friend! :D Duskyskies: for being a great friend ^^ Morbid Dollie: You're too awesome :D kikkima: thank you for the wallie !! ^_^ josephine12cute: thanks for always encouraging me :) BanisherOfSouls: Bananas + Ramen= AWESOMENESS!!! :D BanisherOfSouls: Banana's are the ULTIMATE food!! >:D BanisherOfSouls: Cake sucks! Fish is the way to go :D BanisherOfSouls: cause..uh.. bricks are cool like that :D winterlionheart: For being such an amazing friend!!! cuteboricua91: 4 being the elmo to my cookiemonster :D himesakura1227: Thanz 4 the support! Love you!!! vampiergall: Thanks for EVERYTHING!!!!! <3 :D Duskyskies: MLIA killua2512: a gift 4 you just like what I promised^^ cresendo pianist: have a break...thanx for helping out cresendo pianist: this is my lunch leftover...!XD sexyprincess: ;3 jenuchiha: thank you 4 being an awesome supporter! KitKatKitty: For being AWESOME and RANDOM killua2512: Thanks master for a wonderful wallpaper Kami-chan.x3: lEh COOkiE lUVS U! (´・�・`) 21Emmz12: ^w^ Herez a panda!!!!!! Creme Of Rolo: This is because your an awesome friend!! : Thanks! I just figured this out! blurredout: your wallpapers taste better than this. RavenK49: lol for all your support! love you! dya: Thanks for your suport! *kisses* : 4 63in9 an aw3sum d00d!& ty 4th3 coments Miss A: cant give u real cake, so..hehe..for u.. deadly neko: Your an awesome friend AkaiAme: Thanks for being such a sweet friend! ^^ RabiXExorcist: Thankies For Being So Supportive&Goofy! crimsonresolution: A brick can do a lot of damadge!!>D
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