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Gifts : Have a happy b-day! Kaijin89: Happy Birthday, my friend! :) superstarpanou: Happy Bday to such a talented artist~ ^^ TheDarkAngel: Happeh Birfday~! Make a wish~! :D twilight samurai: Happy Bday! You INSPIRE me! : Happy bday~ 15385bic: happy birthday =D !!! 2011 : for american guys : you know I really got a thing : aww bby you're a hell of a guy : POO-FREAKIN-OOP YOU : WITH THE GIRL I LOVE SO YEAH : I SEEN YOU GUYS DRIVING ROUND TOWN : AND POOP HIM TOO : I'M GOING TO BED POOP YOU : TOBY CAN'T HUSTLE LIKE ME : WAIT WHAT ALL YOUR LOVE IS MINE : lol I have only sent 69 gifts : lol we are so pro : lol we are so pro : have this banana /suggestive : damn they are all you : you got some competition for my love : omg I have 27 new messages I wonder who : think we're forever alone : over them and see that we're creeps and : lol and then they're just gonna hover : jk it's just me trippin. : errbody trippin all up in here : why you gotta flaunt all yo fancy gifts : why you were sending me the 'pill' : ohhh now I understand : no I want your biological cheeldren : it's like an albino penis or something : I don't think it's a pill : have your babies? so much offense taken : wait wait wait so you don't want me to : oh i c. y'all got jokes : will have your babies : omg tmi I'm just keeding of course I : or get an intra urinary device : lol tay why don't you just use a condom : at first when I saw the pill I was all : us commoners don't have the pill : lol miss theO free subscription forever : Gaga is such a troll sometimes : wait wait how about the brick because : so scared I wish I could dance like Toby : and came in and it's like 3 AM and I got : dude my dog just nudged my door open : or maybe we should use the evil pumpkin : and witches are bad : get it because it's like bad romance : I think we should use the hat for Gaga : and also your art is ~`**SPARKLEDESU**`~ : PS: Agreed method of communication : FOR REAL : you are really dumb : you are so dumb : you done left crumbs and errthing : We got yo'  cardigan : HOMEBOY : so you can run and tell that : we gon' find you : we lookin' fo' you : you don't have to come and confess : 'Cause she stealin' errything up in hurr : hide yo pastries : hide yo sushi : Hide yo pies : Try'na steal 'em so y'all need to : she snatchin' yo pies up : she's climbing in their windows : in Lincoln Park : Obviously we have a pie thief : I'mma let Da Vinci let you finish : YO TAYLOR : AY : ALL TIME : AY : ALL TIME : SOME OF THE BEST ART OF ALL TIME : of all time : but you have some of the best art : and I'mma let you finish : I'm really happy for you : yo Tay : :) kita mikichi: Congrats on earning Otaku Eternal! SolemnSerpent: Bask in the epicness of Eternal-ness! DropedAtBirth: For the Tooth Fairy. :D 15385bic: happy belated xmas happy early new yrs MissGoldenAngel: Merry Christmas!! <3 Kaerlyn: Hope you had a special day ^^ Kaijin89: Happy Birthday!! Have a good one. :D MissGoldenAngel: Happy birthday! More amazing art awaits! Knowmad: Happy Bday Raindrop! Have an EPIC day!:D 15385bic: happy birthday =D : *You rock!* <3 : Merry Xmas, Taylor! :-] kukki-chan: ~happy holidays :D FUNimation: Merry Christmas!<3 ulterego333: Merry Christmas! <(^.^<) ShadowLight: Happy Birthday! MissGoldenAngel: A paintbrush for the birthday artist! :D ulterego333: Happy Birthday ^_^ : Because I absolutely love your artwork. MissGoldenAngel: i love your work, tay! have a cookie! wingsxdontxfail: Dude your artworks rocks! Pleiades Rising: An Extra Cupcake for the Winner.
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