SakuraDust Before and After

Or the "Bragging with ma skillz" challenge.

The idea is pretty simple, I want you to take a random sketch you did ages ago (and I mean ages) and redo it to show yourself and the world how much you improved.

Like this: example

The style is not limited to people, you can redraw whatever you want from the scenery you had on your fridge when you were 6, to the mermaid who looked more fabulous than the rainbow when you were 4.

Sure, if you actually got very good in a short time, then I'm more than happy to see that.

This may be more like a meme, but it's fun and muh first fanart challenge everrr~

- No halfassed drawings (improvement is the key word in this challenge)
- It hurts to say this, but no explicit imagery
- As much as you want to submit is ok (but remember if you spam and not take a gold medal in the end, you'll have dozens of silver ones)
- Post the image like in the example, the old sketch on the left, new version on the right. If you only post the improved pic and the other one is in the description, I'll gracefully disqualify the entry.

Two months because I want to see the awesome unfold XD

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