TheDarkAngel It's the End of The World!!!

Hey, Otaku! It's Yosei here, issuing my first challenge EVAR!! Who wants to join? :D

Well, what kind of Challenger would I be if I didn't explain the rules though, huh?

Let's start with the Theme: "It's The End of The World!"

What would it be like if you woke up one morning and you were the only human/person left on The Earth? What would you do? How would you react? Where would you go?
Animals are still left, vegetation and the like. But, suddenly, you're the last of your species. What happens?

Example: I go mentally insane and befriend a plant that I name George and we live in The Mall of America.

Make them silly, make them serious. It's up to you!

Use your fantastic art skillz to portray your vision of yourself and your reactions.

I will be accepting all kinds of art styles and talents. You may submit it in ANY medium: paper, pencil, ink, digital, Black&White, colored, modeling clay, ANYTHING VISUAL!

Judging will be based on CREATIVITY! Not skills or favorites. You are all equal artists to me. :)

I'm giving you all ONE MONTH. So, that should be plenty of time, okies? :3

Prizes are the usual medals.
I'm offering other prizes too!

1st place: A gift, A colored lineart of any character you want (medium of your choosing: digital or traditional)
2nd place: A gift, an inked lineart of any character you want
3rd place: A gift, a sketch (un-inked) lineart of any character you want

All places afterwards will get honorable mentions on my WORLD: "Yosei's Journal" for a bit.

So! Who's ready to draw? WHO'S up for this challenge? Let's do it!


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My End of the World! ~Smiling Isoka
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Mohawk, Bagpipes and a Kilt!!! ~Queen of Sheba
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