*~Any One Piece~*

Okay! I'm still determined to get more One Piece Wallpapers/fanart/ecards out there!

So this is a simple challenge, make a wallpaper of any One Piece Chracter or Chracters you want, and make the wallpaper any way you want!

Rules -- Guildlines -- Tips --

+ You can submit 3 wallpapers to this challenge.
+ You can use more then one chracter in a wallpaper.

+ Colorful wallpapers are always fun and pretty~!

+ Wallpapers of characters that don't have many wallpapers are always appreciated.

My Little Sister Nikki , My friend Jack , and I will be Judging, have fun be creative and unique!

if you'd like to impress one of us here's each of are favorite's
+ Nikki's favorites: Nami, Robin, Laboon, Chopper, Vivi, Caimie.
+ Jack's favorites: Zoro, Lucci, Eneru, Shanks, Gold Roger, Whitebeard.
+ My favorites: Luffy, Ace, Kaku, Sanji, Franky, Jyabura.

-------- Prizes -------------

1st Place: 3 ecards of your choice, 1 fanart of your choice.
2nd Place: 2 ecards of your choice, 1 fanart of your choice.
3rd Place: 1 ecard of your choice, 1 fanart of your choice.

all who participate get a ribbon and gift.

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