josephine12cute the hardest wallpaper I ever made...

I'm now an Otakuite++ so I can now make challenges! Haha...

Simple, just make a wallpaper... the hardest one you ever made (as of now). It doesn't need to be that elaborate, very detailed or whatsoever. Even plain ones are fine. But effort and creativity are the things that I should see. Its my first challenge but I'll be strict... very strict.

◄↕► It can be anything!
The wallpaper can be any manga/anime, games, real people, or whatsoever! Its your time to appreciate something at the fullest.

◄↕► Explain everything in your description
The description doesn't need to be very long. But its one of my criteria for judging. As a detailed description will prove that you made the wallpaper, share the story behind it, and effort has been put in line. It should also explain why you wallpaper is the most challenging one you made for the meantime.

◄↕► Tricky parts
If you made some new techniques and styles then why not share it? (No need to be very detailed to keep them a secret!) Those things are a plus factor and proves the effort of the wallpaper.

◄↕► Wallpaper info's
To add/spice things up, include some trivia about your wallpaper like the number of layers, hours/days of making it, program you used. I'd be amazed to know how creative you really are (be a showoff even just for once :P).

◄↕► Must be made from scratch (be creative)
Except the main image, everything in your wallpaper must start from nothing. Meaning, you'll be finding the sources yourself. The bg and overall design must be of your own, no imitating of other styles, or even just a new version of a tutorial. Be 100% creative and learn to be resourceful. When you used a scan, present the image in a new way with a new bg. If you want the wallpaper to be similar with the original scan, make some tricky changes. See my heavenly memories and look closely in the details.

◄↕► The main image
It can be a vector, a render or an extraction. The main image must be of high quality. No resizing of an image from a small one into a bigger one. It must be clear not blurry or with noticeable pixels. if you extracted the image yourself, extract it the best way it should be!

◄↕► I hate effortless
I won't accept wallpapers that were made from just simple brushwork, texture combination, filters and messing up with colors. Please be creative... play around with those things I mentioned, blending modes, vector... make a style of your own. And don't "just a simple wallpaper made from" me... >:P

◄↕► Must be 1600x1200
This is your most special wallpaper so share it to everyone at its fullest potential. Widescreen is optional, but it should be 1920x1200.

◄↕► Credit all the sources
Try to at least credit all the sources you've used like texture, font, brushes, the image used. If not possible, mention the site or just admit that the used medium is not yours.

◄↕► Don't forget your signature
Please put a signature in your work so that your wallpaper (that you made with so many efforts) will not be stolen, posted to other sites, and be claimed by some idiots out there.

If you're all a bit confused and don't have any clues (despite my rules...), here are examples of the hardest wallpapers (read the description) I've done as of now: go west or die sketchy perspective

♥ I'm busy having "Trip to Universities" just to get me some college entrance exams. So I'll make this one for 3 months.
♥ Only one entry per person. I want you to put your best in one wallpaper and say "this is my most challenging one yet!"
♥ Doesn't need to be dedicated to me. Dedicate your wallpaper to the ones you think deserving.
♥ I'm not sure if I can give prizes. But surely, winners will get medals.


If you still find some confusing parts (despite the long description), feel free to PM me. Sorry if this first challenge of mine is too strict, I just want to know how everyone developed through time.

Good Luck to everyone ;)
<peace out!>
- sephine


I just noticed that the challenge will expire on Dec 23, 2010. Being Filipino, who loves Christmas season so much :) I'll give prizes. I guess those are more of Seasons Greeting instead of Congratulations. But they're also my Christmas gifts for you as gratitude for joining and achievement recognition.

3rd Place - e-card
2nd Place - wallpaper
1st Place - e-card & wallpaper

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