Starscream The Promise of Summer

For a lot of us, the weather is starting to warm up, the days are brighter and longer and the sound of birds fill each morning.

Even though it's a little way off, summer is a season that promises warmth, fun and good memories and, for a lot of people, is greatly anticipated.

So, what is the challenge about? Simple! The challenge is to draw something about how you feel when you think of summer. Whether it's the anticipation of it (IE: Getting ready for it, like buying new clothes, sun creams, planting plants, veggies and flowers, etc.), or even an image of what you like to do during summer. (Perhaps one of your fondest memories?)

But, I don't like summer. :( That's fine. Why not create something to express why you don't like it? This challenge is about the power of personal opinion and personal memories. :)

But, it's not even close to summer here. In fact, it's nearly winter, can I still enter? Yes. After all, it's about your feelings for summer and memories of it.

It's sunny here all year round, can I still enter? As stated before, it's about your feelings for sunshine and warm days. (If you're stuck for ideas, why not tell us how having constant sun affects you? Or maybe why you dislike it?)

Is this a fanart challenge, or is it art of myself, or something? This challenge is about feelings and memories, so you can do anything you want. You can draw your favourite characters, yourself, or even animals, just as long as they are expressing your thoughts of summer. You may even draw your favourite memories.

How long do I have? You have 1 month to sumbit your work. However, this may be extended.

How many times can I enter? You may enter up to 3 times, so long as you stick to the theme of opinions and memories.

Coloured, Uncoloured, Traditional, or Digital? Your choice. :)

What CAN'T I submit?

  • Anything that goes against site terms

  • Random art that doesn't go with the theme

  • Something you've already made (No resubmitting art!)


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The Summer Tree House ~harvestmoonluvr
Dango Daikazoku ~Sakuse
I hate Summer ~HametsuKuro
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