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Hello everyone,

This challenge is focusing on the most commonly seen elements in anime and manga; those elements can be either water, fire, wind, thunder (lightning) and ice, or they can be any other elements that you may know but is not listed above, such as earth, darkness or something... blah, blah, blah. In this challenge, each participant will choose an element and anime/manga characters (one or more characters) who you think that the characters' personalities or appearances fit with your chosen element the most. Then, you will make your own wallpaper with those characters and the element you chose.

For example, I choose water for Chii. I think water represents the beauty and the sweetness. Chii is such as sweet and lovely girl. Therefore, I think Chii will fit with the theme of water, and I'll make a wallpaper of Chii who is playing with the water.


An example of a fire element wallpaper

1) Plz submit your own wallpaper!! No plagiarism!!
2) One element for each wallpaper, but you can put as many characters you like in the wallpaper. An explanation of an idea (why do you choose that element for that character) may be needed
3) Be sure to tell me who the character(s) is (are)
4) no limited entry required
5) Add some word(s) in your wallie, plz.
6) Be creative
7) Make them clean and clear.

Winners will receive gifts from me.
I hope you understand my english and I also hope you will have fun and enjoy this challenge!!!
Thanks for reading and good luck to all participants

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Mio's Rhapsody ~vksan
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