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This is my first challenge so please be kind

i've got really into lolita fashion lately, the frills and sparkles of shojo are awesome! which brings me to the challenge: draw a picture of someone in a lolita-style costume.


  • can be done traditionally or digitally
  • must be coloured (its more intersting)
  • the subject must be in a dress
  • the subject of the pic can be a boy or a girl (think len in imitation black)
  • the costumes can show skin but nothing explicit
  • Doesn't need a background but it would be nice
  • must follow TheO rules
  • unlimited submitions


  • First Place: 2 wallpapers, a subscription and 2 gifts from me
  • Second Place: 1 wallpaper, a subscription and 1 gift from me
  • Third Place: 2 gifts from me

i hope the pizes are ok, and the dedline, if it's not i guess and i can extend it... can i?
oh well, please participate!

EDIT 29/9/2010
wow! so many people have favourited and commented. i'm sure there'll be some amazing entries! just let me know if anyone needs an extention on the deadline :)
EDIT 9/10/2010
wow again! 4 entries already! this is brilliant! thank you all for entering! just let me know if anyone needs an extention on the deadline :)
EDIT 25/10/2010
to everyone who's already entered: these are totally amazing! you guys have really outdone yourselves, but you make it so hard to judge! i'm in the middle of looking at them all 'cos i've been away for a week :)

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