kisskiss-bangbang Here Is Your Test

In this challange(contest) you have to use all your best skill you can muster. You are to make a wallpaper of whatever anime or manga you like. It can even be of somthing else(as long as its sight okay). You can use as many images as you want. There is only one rule in this contest(challenge), and it is very simple.


You can only use Paint(like the program) to create your wallpaper

Now i don't mean like MS Paint, or anything like that. I mean the good old fashioned Paint. The one where you can only undo three times, or the use of layers doesn't really exist. If you don't know what it looks like- theres a screen shot of it in my World. If you don't HAVE paint, you can use somthing else but you have you use the same techniques. No fading out with layers, no brush effects, nothing like that. If you can do it paint go ahead. Just don't cheat.

You'll have three weeks to finish becuase if your not used to Paint it might take awhile. Do what ever style you want- use whatever colours you want. Just have fun and enjoy the Paintness. If you have any questions, or if i'm not being clear, you can ask me here in comment, PM me, or even ask me in my World. There is where I will post a screen shot of what Paint is if you don't know. Wait I think I already covered that. NEVER MIND!

Good luck!
And rememeber to have fun.

~Matt Tsuki

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