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Hello again...

This time create a wallpaper for the greatest anime male character for you.
You can tell me why you picked him or them and why do you think they are the greatest. I'll give you two months.

Why I made this challenge? Well because I heard the other student from my school fighting who's cooler, who's more handsome, who's smarter, and who is the greatest. I heard it's Lelouch, Sesshomaru, Light, L, Sasuke, Suzaku, Ichigo, Uryu, Byakuya, and whatsoever. Now it's time you guys tell me who is the greatest for you. no limitation and rules, just have fun. That's all.

The prize; 1st: gift, wallpaper, card
2nd: gift, wallpaper
3rd:gift, wallpaper

Good Luck to all!!! ^_^


I would like to say sorry to babydensity, our challenge was kinda the same, I just saw it, just now. Good luck to you challenge ^_^" So so so sorry


I'll be choosing 5 winners for this challenge. The first three winners will receive medals plus at the gitf, wallpaper and card. The other two will get gift and wallpaper. I saw lots of great wallpapers so it's kinda hard to choose. That's why I'm going to get five. Thank you very much for joining. Good luck to all


Hello, thank you very much for joining. So now I'm going to tell who's the 4th and 5th placer. The 4th was Lelouch Destory to create by Twinklesakura and the 5th was Rock Your World by AlexaClyne. Thank you very much for joining. All of your wallpaper is so good but I only need to choose three for the winners. Thank you very again.


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Gintoki Sakata Mosaic ~izsah
Eat Me~ ~SakuraDust
Monkey D Luffy ~itachi070
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