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Gintoki Sakata Mosaic
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Isn't he handsome? Oooh.. Gin is mine. Am lucky to be the 1st one who used him in this challenge.
For me, he's my top male anime character. Why? He's obviously handsome, has a sexy and lean body, has a sense of humor, funny, naughty, brave, strong, smart, very natural, & has a very manly appeal. Oh! It tickles me. Hohoho!

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Before I finished this unique wallpaper, a horrible experience happened to me. April 6, I decided to create wallies that I am going to submit in 3 different challenges. I dealt 1st with in this challenge so I began searching for Gin's different faces that I am going to use. I'm done searching, choosing, saving, and cropping those images. It took me almost 2 hours doing that because it were more than 30 images.
I'm still on the process of organizing it to make it a pattern when the power supply shut down! And the worst of it, is that all the images I gained from different sites cannot be retrieved anymore in that computer. Huhuhu! I can't do anything but to feel a loser. I wanted to cry. I wanted to fade away right at that moment. I became furious and I can't help it. I wanted to punch the monitor and curse those people behind that reason. It was due to "rotating brownout" that lasted for 2 hours. Grrrrr! And when the power supply came back, I lost my enthusiasm to continue and begin from the start again. Why? I only had an hour and a few minutes left. I had no extra money to pay the rent if I'm going to extend my time. Besides, I should be at home before 10 pm because I am going to watch my fav tv show [Queen Seon Deok] [Korean].
Aaaaaahh! All my plans that day broke down. What an unlucky day for me! And so, I ended up without wallpapers made, and went home tired, hungry, and very exhausted. Tsk! I didn't eat that whole day! That's why I drained all my energy. OOooohhh..

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