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Gifts cronaandsoul: Congrats on Graduating animegirl171: Thank you! :) Hifsa: Thank you <3 neilly: Like OMG. Merry Christmas/HappyNewYear! elricbrothersfan: Thanks & happy thanksgiving to you too!! elricbrothersfan: thanks for the wellwishes/being awesome! cronaandsoul: Happy V-Day or singles awareness day! cronaandsoul: For making the wallpaper late! cronaandsoul: For Participating ^~^ and winning!! : Happy Early Halloween :) Groovy Boar: Thanks fo subbing! :D WildGirl1977: thank you :) nikkeh09: Thanks for entering my challenge ^^ nikkeh09: Thanks for entering my challenge ^^ Zuzu Uchiha: Good try. Better Luck Next Time DemonsandAngels: Thank you for the gift!!!! <3 nikkeh09: Thanks for entering my challenge ^^ Tauria: Thank You!!! Tauria: Aww you're welcome! :D Hifsa: Hopes Kyle likes cherries. :) Hifsa: Haha, loved that neilly: Merry Christmas dude!! *w* toyotami kun: Merry Christmas and happy new year! SongBird33: Merry Christmas! Hifsa: Merry Christmas! Have a good one! :) HotRamen2Go009: Thank You! pandaman08: Thank you for the birthday wish :D TrueStory: :) DemonsandAngels: Share a banana? DemonsandAngels: Eat some of my cake with me! Hifsa: YOU ARE A LEGEND! ^__^ kita mikichi: Congrats on Your Promotion! HotRamen2Go009: Congrats on being an Otaku Legend! enkichan: thanks for entering on my challenge elricbrothersfan: Cheers! Thanks for the support! DemonsandAngels: Thanks for being such a great friend! Hifsa: Happy Eid! Thanks for the wish. <3 : Thank you! DuArMittAllt: Here, have a strawberry:P HotRamen2Go009: Happy BirthMonth :) DeathSeraph: Happy Birthday!! have a great day~ :D Hifsa: Happy Easter!^^ RaiumiTheKHfan: Happy Easter! : Happy Easter~!!! ^^ DuArMittAllt: Have a great Easter^^ nimbusoak: Thank you!! Hifsa: Be strong!^^ Hifsa: Happy you-know-what day! :D <3 XxArrancarFanxX: Happy Valentine's Day! DuArMittAllt: Have a good day :3 Hifsa: *Pokes Kyle and says thank you* :D SongBird33: Thanks for the wishes!! ElementalNinja: Thank you! ^^ Dragon Anime: Thank you ;) Hifsa: Thnx 4 everything & Happy New Year! :) HotRamen2Go009: MERRY XMAS! & Happy New Year :) neilly: Merry Christmas!! :D toyotami kun: MeRrY chRiStmAs and HaPpY nEw YeAr! Artgrrl: Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! shaymingirl: Merry Christmas Larxy The Strange: Merry Christmas! SongBird33: Merry Christmas! blue tea: HO HO MUTHA F**KA !! jk merry christmas. RaiumiTheKHfan: Happy Thanksgiving! XxArrancarFanxX: Happy Thanksgiving ^^ Larxy The Strange: Happy Thanksgiving to you too! Rainbow Dragon: Happy Thanksgiving my dear friend :D Hifsa: Last remaining gift! Lucky you :D Hifsa: *pokes* Kyle :D XxArrancarFanxX: Thanks for the comments <3 Hifsa: Np^^ I hope you like cupcakes :) Hifsa: Remind me to ask you too :) KuRcK: Happy Halloween! ^_^ tethysal: happy halloween ! Larxy The Strange: Happy Halloween! Hifsa: Happy Halloween, Special K :D Rainbow Dragon: Thank u for being true friend~:D *hugs* HotRamen2Go009: Congrats on the promotion :D MangaKid: Congrats on the Promotion, bro! ^U^ kita mikichi: Congrats on Your Promotion! Vosh: Wish you all the best. :) HotRamen2Go009: Congrats on getting back to school :) florakitty117: Thanks for the sub! ^^ Rainbow Dragon: Thank u 4 being there 4 me *hugs* Rainbow Dragon: ur a tru friend~*hugs u,Al,and Kile* Hifsa: Happy Eid :) MangaKid: Its ok TDE! U R awesome! :D Kurihara Akane: Thank you for the subscribe :3 theDanish: yeahh giving u a cupcake :> tethysal: thanks for the sub. ^^ SHINEEstargirl: alo hiya MagicComesToLife: Thanks for subscribing!!! *Hugs* :D Haitaka: Congratulations with Senior Otaku+!!! ^^ kita mikichi: Congrats on Your Promotion! XxArrancarFanxX: Thanks for the sub! :) : Thanks for the sub! Panda for chu~ LGA775: Aww thank you so much my friend^^ : It's okay. =] ChiPolVee: Strawberry of Friendship in return!! : Thanks for the sub! nimbusoak: Thanks for subbing! : yay : yay Enigmatic Turk: Happy V-Day! :D GIDRA: hugs RaiumiTheKHfan: :D ShiningHime: Thank you for subscribing. <3 Much love. : PANDAS *u* i love pandas animegirl171: Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year ^-^ beloved blood: Happy holidays! Naomi Bear: Merry Christmas , PGR member! ⥠Nae : you too! thelostsindar: Thanks for subscribing! ^^ akatsuki15: Thanks for the b-day gift! PurpleMochi: Thank you!!! catsworld: Congratulations on the promotion! MangaKid: Congrats on the Promotion!! ^_^ kita mikichi: Congrats on Your Promotion! ItachiSasuke: Congrats on your promotion~! ^__^ : >_> uh no I'm not but thanks!<3 : I had a wierd dream about you last night beloved blood: It's Sea Salt flavor ;) raidergrl: Thnx for the sub:D unknowndoll: thanks for sub KittyPerson9001: Thank you for subscribing :) hime hisagi: thank you for sucribe me. :) GIDRA: thnx for subing Captain Ronnie: Thanks for the subscribe!~ <3 : you love cats<3 : from: Mimi to Kenszhin (:happy wedding<3 : You're Welcome! (Sorry) : Your're Welcome! : OHMEHGERD A PUMPKIN- CAT what?! thank u! : happy 4th!!!1 :D : no thank you! XD thanks a  million! yuko9kost: thanks for subbing^__^ Natsu nii: thanks for the birthday wishes! ^_^ : Thank you for the Gift! ^^ PurpleMochi: thanx 4 the sub ^^b JanetChan: Thank you soo much! <33333 DistantStar: Happy Easter AMAZING PERSON! :) superstarpanou: Thanks so much 4 the sub! Cookie for u~! TheDarkAngel: Thanks for the sub~! Let's be friends~! cazzmataz: Thanks for subbing :) MangaKid: Thx 4 the gift & inspiration, my friend! : Just glad to be there for you.^^ umchan649: Thanks for the sub!! ^^ 12kisa12: Pocky! ilovetamaki: Happy New Year to you too ^-^ : Thanks, you're the first. DistantStar: Happy New Years, good luck in 2012! catsworld: Thanks for the sub! *subs back* ^^ Vioxx: Merry Christmas! (: : Happy Holidays. xxNoExistencexx: Thank you! :) Dark Phoenix: Thanks for the sub! : Thanks, I hope it does too... : Thanks for the sub :D ilovetamaki: Thank you! : Thanks, don't worry. Dragon Anime: Happy Thanksgiving and thank you! :) ilovetamaki: Happy Thanksgiving ^-^ Darkarax: Happy Thanksgiving to you too :) tiggerola: Happy Thanksgiving to you too! Domine Kuro: a brick tiggerola: Thanks for entering my challenge! :) Kami-chan.x3: You just got Brick'd. :D lol. dusktilldawn713: thanks bunches :D LightFykki: Welcome to theO!!! dusktilldawn713: thanx for subbing :D Domine Kuro: before i kick your fucking teeth in Domine Kuro: shut up and drive
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