Magic Scenes of Epicness

Hey!! This is actually the first ever challenge I'm making on theOtaku, I want to make it special too... So here we go.


So in this challenge, you are to make a piece of art that harbors a feeling of epicness or emotion of some sort along with a song. To simplify what I mean, basically take any song per say- instrumental or not, focus on it's mood and draw something that you think could be a scene in an anime that matches with the song! Pretty cool huh? ^^


A nightmare or a sad scene
Anger or a fight
Moment of serenity or a death
An abandoned town at night
A fight in a video game
A bad turn in a battle or a a sad flashback
Two people having a chat in a garden
Another fight

Well I can add like a million more but you guys probably get the picture by now.


Da Rules

  • No Nudity (If you feel HAVE to do some sort of nudity then make sure you leave out the private bits.)
  • All mediums are allowed! Traditional, digital, etc...
  • The song can have lyrics but doesn't have to, it can even be from a video game. (Brownie points if you use a song without lyrics.)
  • You can have some degree of violence but don't go overboard with it.
  • Again, the picture should fit the mood of the song and likewise.
  • Type "I AM THE LAW!" in tags so I can make sure that you read the rules.
  • You get unlimited entries! (But only one shall prevail.)
  • It doesn't have to include anime or people, it can even be a dark hallway for all you care!
  • You got 2 months to finish up and submit.
  • Cite/link your work, no plagiarism or stealing.
  • You don't have to dedicate it to me. ^^
  • Quotes are allowed!
  • It can be from an anime, manga, video game, tv show, book, or original thang!
  • It doesn't have to have color depending on 'the mood.'
  • Give me a brief explanation on the scene, mood, and what it represents.
  • Any questions ask yours truly. ;)
  • HAVE FUN PEOPLE!!! (Click me!)


Prizes (Ooh shiny!)
I gotta think about what to do for them....
There will be a 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place. Good luck!

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