nikkeh09 O.C. for you (:

So I've come back with a new challenge for you lovely peeps (: I know everyone loves an O.C. whether or not it's one of your own or a friends. Soooo for this challenge I would love if you either drew someone else's O.C. or if you draw one of your own to kind of befriend another person's O.C. Basically this challenge is to have fun with an original character!! I know i'm a little vague on what I want so please ask me if you have questions.

Rules oh the rules:

Does not have to be colored
Any type of art is acceptable (digital or traditional)
Please do not used lined paper, it distracts me
There does not have to be a background
Must either be someone else's O.C. or one you've created to befriend someone's O.C.
Dedicate to the person you are drawing for
As many entries as you want but only one will win (:

Prizes (Glorious beautiful prizes!!)
(Because my photoshop is janked up on my other computer I still owe cards from my last challenge soooooooo....)

1st prize will receive one fan art with a background and two sketches
2nd prize will receive one fan art with a background and one sketch
3rd prize will receive one fan art with a background

Runner Up Prize may be given out (I will decide then)

I'm actually coming out of my shell now so you can tell me if you want the art piece to be digitally or traditionally colored

and like always everyone entering will receive a gift(:

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