So...That Happened

I think God is trying to send me a message, but I just don't know what it is.

I've been living a full life lately.

Yesterday, I was going home from work and got into a bad car wreck.
All I know is I was hit in the back and my car spun out two lanes over.

Thank God that there was nobody else coming behind me in that lane, because if there was another vehicle in that lane it probably would've hit me head-on since when my car spun out, it left me perpendicular to traffic on the highway.

Plus, when I got out of my car I started to smell gas, but thankfully nothing caught fire. I was able to get all of my valuables out of my car, I even had a change of clothes since my gym bag was in the trunk.
That alone attests to how the back-half of the car was mangled, so I'm stuck without wheels for the time being until things hash out. I've been plugging away with my insurance for the past day or so to get this resolved, but it's just moving really slow.

Personally, I don't feel too bad, a little stiff in the neck 24hrs later, but nothing else right now. Usually people start feeling the full effect of car crashes later.

My mom has been in a lot of car crashes and she started to feel a lot of impacts a few years later.

IDK if God is trying to send me a message or anything, but I will try to use the time I have left to do some things. I've been neglecting doing some projects on here, I just haven't been watching a lot of anime or enjoying my old hobbies...I've just been busy.

But I'm glad to be alive, because I very easily could've died yesterday.
So I say to you, please take some time to value your life, because you never know when it could all end.

Love y'all