Starscream Mutation

Marvel is known for it's amazing and creative universes and one of my all time favourites is the X-Men universe.

As a kid I grew up reading my brother's comics and when I was older I started buying them for myself. I was fascinated by the characters, the unique mutations they all had and how it shaped their lives.

Of course, I even created an OC to fit in with the universe. I mean, come on, this IS me we are talking about.

With the recent passing of Stan Lee, I felt it only fitting to host a small challenge dedicated to this particular franchise.

Here are the deets...

I want you to draw yourself as a mutant. Think carefully about your abilities and how you would look. Give yourself a cool mutant name, backstory, an age when your abilities presented themselves (Or were you born with them?), even a small backstory would be nice.


  • This has to be brand new artwork created by YOU for this challenge. (No old art or art created by other people.
  • Art must not be identical to an existing character, it must be YOU with mutant abilities! (Don't copy if it can be helped!)
  • Give your mutant self a mutant name, a backstory, ability breakdown and as many helpful details as you can
  • Art must be colour, unless you have a detailed colour description in the art description or colour guide on the image.
  • Please avoid breaking any TheO rules!
  • Have fun with it! Skill doesn't matter, it's the concept that does!


  • 1st Prize - A medal and I will draw the mutant they create. (Full colour, signed!) PLEASE NOTE: To claim you MUST PM me within a week of winning due to my commission waiting list being full. After that time period has passed I will not be able to honour it. You may also claim the original signed black and white piece after creation, please PM your postal address for shipping. (No payment neccessary.)
  • Runners up - Runner up medals! Shiny shiny!
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