Do you have a series that just makes you nerd out?
Have a favorite video-game (series) that you know from top to bottom?
Is there something that gives you a nostalgic feeling that always makes you happy or excited?

Then you're welcome to let your craziest fandoms free, for we have the Feats of Fandom.

This can be your home for all of your news updates, fan-works, cosplays, theories, merchandise and more.

Enjoy yourselves and remember to never forsake your fandom.

My (TheDarkEclipse) Fandoms:


  • FLCL (Fooly Cooly) -Top Fandom
  • Baka & Test
  • School Rumble
  • Spice & Wolf
  • IGPX
  • Code Lyoko

Video Games
Kingdom Hearts -Top Fandom
Megaman (X, Zero, NT Warrior)

Post PGR OC Story Update: The Adventures of Hideki

I was going to make a really crazy title for this post but stick around because this is gonna be cool...I hope. Way back when in my Otaku career I was a part of PGR, Pokémon Gijinka Revolution, a large scale RP where ...

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A Longtime Fan's Thoughts On Tekken 7

I've got like an hour and some change before I decide to go to sleep, and now is probably the most opportune time to talk about "Tekken" so that's what I'm gonna do. Let's call this: ...

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An Analysis of RWBY & Why People Hate It Now

This past Friday, Saturday, and Sunday I holed myself up in my room with the fleeting amounts of free time that I have left until school rolls back in and I watched over a volume/season and a half of "RWBY" and I blitzed through the comedy spin-of...

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What I Like About Goku Black (DBZ/DBS)

Let me rap to you real quick before I disappear for a week. But first, an ad for an awesome artwork. BEHOLD! I was torn between which Feat of Fa...

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What Naruto Means to Me

I decided to start this pontification with that because it is a great rep...

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