Art imitates Life
Life imitates Art

Do you have a series that just makes you nerd out?
Have a favorite video-game (series) that you know from top to bottom?
Is there something that gives you a nostalgic feeling that always makes you happy or excited?

Then you're welcome to let your craziest fandoms free, for we have the Feats of Fandom.

This can be your home for all of your news updates, fan-works, cosplays, theories, merchandise and more.

Enjoy yourselves and remember to never forsake your fandom.

My (TheDarkEclipse) Fandoms:


  • FLCL (Fooly Cooly) -Top Fandom
  • Baka & Test
  • School Rumble
  • Spice & Wolf
  • IGPX
  • Code Lyoko

Video Games
Kingdom Hearts -Top Fandom
Megaman (X, Zero, NT Warrior)

The Gush Ep. 1: Battle of Eientei

Long time, no smell Man, it has been FAR TOO long since I've messed with this old project of mine. Last time I was supposed to do an FoF, it was FLCL Week in like 2021 I think. My big problem is that I always wan...

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New FLCL in 2023: My Initial Reaction!

You know what it is! First off, I know I am well beyond late with ...

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I Don't Make Sense

Ai'ght, so boom... I just don't make sense with the things I do. I have had so many things pass by that I wanted to do, and all year long I've been preoccupied (lazy) with other things and pushed them to the side. ...

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FLCL Week 2021: Haruko's Maternity

So since the first full week of June has not hit yet, I'm postponing my normal FLCL Week project to next week...But I am also doing a whole bunch of stuff and I have very little time.

But I wanted to drop the theme and focus of this year's FLCL Week.

Haruko's Maternity
Each season of FLCL features Haruko all-but barging into the lives of our main characters. Considering the potential circumstances surrounding Naota in S1 and the primary figures we see in S2 and S3, I think it'd be an interesting to view each season through the lens of Haruko being a maternal figure of sorts. Not necessarily saying that she is a maternal figure as in she gave birth to our core cast (that's weird, even for FLCL) but assessing the impact that our beloved chaotic cosmic crusader has on our colorful cast as the primary female force in their lives.

I've got some fun in store for this one.
Stay tuned.

C ya soon.

What I Like About: Code Lyoko

What I Like About: Code Lyoko The role that nostalgia plays in my experience, and possibly the experience of other people, is becoming a bit more apparent now. I’m not exactly sure how I am going ...

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