Sabriela Hellena OCs and a odd pet!

First i would like to congratulate the winners of my last challenge Dragon men!
First place Dragon Boy ~nikkeh09 definitely brought back the heart throbs of the encounter.

Second place Dragonlord_sabrielahellena ~HiddenMage surely had presence of a dragon lord.

Third place dragon_man
certainly was commanding.

It was a close call i almost asked a stranger to help me decide. I only wish there were more to choose from. I would like to apologize for the tardiness in my selecting but as my instructor would have said "excuses are futile".

NOW to the task at hand.

AS the title suggests I am throwing an odd twist to the OC challenges.
'Last night your OCs all went to bed as usual but wake to an unusual sound outside the window. When they finally decide to look they find a box tied with a ribbon. Holes decorate the top and the sound emits from inside. In blue sharpie Sabrielas' nearly legible scrawl reads 'friend, i found this cutie on my travels but Friedrick says i cant keep it this time. take care of it please.'your OC opens the box to find a very unique creature that he/she has never seen before. And somehow they bond immediately. As a way to show their gratitude your OC posts their favorite picture of them with the new companion.

This will be a good time to catch up on your skills as i want your OC to show off their new pet. As your pet could be from any dimension or time period your not limited to a specific new pet and if you were working on a new creature but didn't yet know how into introduce it now is your chance.

RULES: "what rules, no limit to color or medium. I feel excited."

1. You have 2 months no extension.

2. have fun

3. no limit to entries, but if you enter more than one you must have a different OC with a different new pet for each.

4. no doubling up 2 living beings to submission.

5. dedicate to me so i can check it out as soon as possible!

I am looking forward to your submission!

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Mari And Mizu ~ChosaChan
Da Frick? ~HiddenMage
Jerri & Juelz ~Kazamas-Keyblade
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