Sabriela Hellena I Feel Like a CREEPYPASTA come friday

Hello EVERYONE! I haven't created a challenge in for ever, or at least since some time last year.

Anyways, So yes, Sometimes i wonder if i am a creepypasta. by the end of the week, i can be really depressed because i can't express my inner pasta. or something like that. anyway, this one is a toughie for you as i have a different rule for qualification on this one.

PLOT: You get a call from me. we are meeting up with a friend/some friends for a sleepover this Friday. your parents/guardian is OK with it. We meet up and carpool to that Old supposedly abandon building in the woods. AS we are dropped off my brother says to get pictures handing you his expensive camera. you instantly lose it and forget all about it. At the high point of the evening the camera suddenly goes off. Your entry is what was caught on film.

What i want:
I want you to draw, sketch, paint (however you do best) a picture of 1. my OC Sabriela, 2. Your OC, 3. your favorite creepypasta, in a room at Slenderman's place doing something 'creepypasta-ish' for the sleepover, and you can only submit it on a Friday.

If you don't have a favorite then 'go to, use one of mine: Bloody painter, Laughing Jack, Slenderman, Jeff the killer, Ben Drowned'

yes you can have more than one pasta in the piece, but only if you have the other criteria met.

yes you can submit more than one, but remember only one of yours can be chosen.

no you can't play fetch in the house with smile dog, JK you can.

1. must have all 3 persons.
2. must be titled sleepover Friday- followed by the date you are uploading. If for some reason you are having trouble with the upload just send me a PM. with the code word "OVERSEER" on the day of attempt and it will get you a pass to submit on another day and a new title for your entry.
3. must be submitted on a Friday. last date for entry June 9th. PM exemption.

there will be a prize for only the first winner. not usually my style but, yeah, that's how it is this time.

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Sleepover Friday-June 16th ~Kazamas-Keyblade
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