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I was worried that the Fan Word section of challenges had disappeared, but I founds it! Yay it's still around, thank goodness.

Here's a challenge that is a challenge and not just a contest! Everyone and anyone who cares to enter this challenge that I set forth may!

The purpose of this challenge is to get some more fan work flowing for the smaller animes that TheO has pages for!

Find an inactive hub here on TheO, create a fanwork for it of some sort, like Fan Art, Wallpaper, E-card, whichever you choose. Then after it's uploaded to TheO, click the submit button here to write a post and link the work to it!

What you submit needs to be under a category that:
***As of September 23rd has less than 4 entries in a category (so if you find a hub that has 5 fan arts, 3 wallpapers and 2 ecards-you can submit a wallpaper or ecard)
***As of September 1st has not had any submissions in the fan category you wish to submit (ie if the latest fan art submitted to the anime of choice was August 20th, then you can submit a fan art there for this challenge)

I could give examples, but that would take the challenge out for you to find something to submit for. You may choose to do a fanwork for a series you're not familiar with, but wouldn't it be more fun if it was something you know? Now find that anime you love that needs some more tlc!

Since this is an OTAKU site, preferably do a fan work for an anime/manga hub. Video game hubs can count too if the game originated from Japan ^-^

As I am not familiar myself with most lesser-known animes, the best I can offer up is a comment on each entry and a TheO gift sent to you. If there's a particular gift you'd like, you may request so in your submitted post (ie, strawberry pocky, ramen cup, cat, panda, brick, etc.)

The Gold Challenge medals will be awarded to the submissions with the top aesthetically pleasing overall feel to them in their categories. Most likely the top Fan Art, the top Wallpaper, and the top E-card will get gold medals. If there are fan comics, I'll judge them with the fan arts. Although depending on what kind of entries I receive, I may change how I divide the categories ^^


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