Kazamas-Keyblade Challenge-miru! [MMD & Memes]

SO, this is an extensive challenge.

I was a little sad to see the turnout on my last challenge be so piss-poor, but no tears from this face.
Anyways, summer is coming, and to some people its already here. I'm enjoying the weather, the extended time, the winding down of the school year, but what I thoroughly enjoyed was this awesome meme and video.

-You might think that this is where I post it, but you'd be wrong-

I'm actually giving you 2 options on how to complete this quiz.
A- You can take this meme below, answer it, get your scenario and character, make an E-Card of it and Ta-da!
B- I can give you a type of video and you can recreate a scene from it but swap characters, colors, backgrounds, etc. This one actually requires an amount of work, because a GIF would be highly encouraged, although not mandatory

Now there is some leeway to this, though. FIRST, here is the meme.
Do it, get your results, and make a card detailing it.
GIF is NOT NECESSARY, although slightly encouraged.

Secondly, here are some videos that I'd like you to splice/replicate to base off of your card.
Cirno *Original Vid*

After wiping off your face from that chaos, I'm sure that you'd understand that you'd have to do what the "Mashup" video did and recreate a scene from that original video but you'll have to change it in some way, be it by using different characters, colors, animations, whatever.

BUT I'll actually let you do more than just that one vid. Here are some other Touhou MMD...Things, I don't even know what to call them.

-Suika & Reimu
-Cirno again
-Jojo x Touhou Parody/Crossover

There are a ton of other videos that I will try and reupload to this challenge later, but I hope I've communicated this well enough for you to understand.

1. No plagiarism/stealing/copying
2. Unlimited entries

3. It is encouraged that you switch/infuse your card with another anime character, oc, what have you, but you CAN switch out the endless Touhou characters, if you want it to be easier.

4. You CAN use another MMD source, video, or whatnot, but you must run it by me first. I wanted it to be Touhou inspired because there are a lot of videos and places to choose from, but the point is to

6. Ring me up if there any questions, comments, concerns, or confusions, and I will readdress them in the rules by editing them into this post.

7. You have 3 months
8. Please cite your sources, links, etcetera
9. You don't have to dedicate this to me, but PM me or comment me to let me know that you were able to post/submit to my challenge.


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