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What Is Your Entertainment Career Path?

pretty much

What Anime Character Are You?

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Which Of My Original Characters Are You?

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Why did I have to be the devil? But in the synopsis...Semi-acurate

Which Naruto Chakra Element Do You Possess?

That's more accurate to me. I like all versions of the Rasengan.

Which Vocaloid Are You?

TBH the only Vocaloid I know that well is Miku and Teto.

Which Naruto Chakra Element Do You Possess?

I'm actually surprised. I never favored the Water Shark Bomb Jutsu

Which Junji Ito Character Are You?

Don't know what Juni Ito is but I liked this

Which Polar Bear Cafe Character Are You?

Definately me...

Don't know what this is, but it sounds intriguing

Can I Guess Your Gender?

Of couse.


What Artificial Flavor Are You?


Which Sword Art Online Character Are You?

...I'm insulted.

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